Keep My Womb Out of Your Mouth

by Eco.Soul.Intellectual

Just who in the fuck gave politicians the power to dictate the business of my womb? In the final hours of negotiations in the federal government’s budget, the Republicans pull the ultimate bitch move.

Tell the country that they will not budge in the name of anti-abortions? Hunh? They can authorize the killing of millions in numerous wars. They can drop bombs in areas where citizens of other countries stand defenseless and shed not one tear; but Conservatives want to stamp morality upon the birthing of babies?

Withholding the lifeline of a country for the agenda of revoking the reproductive rights; especially those of underrepresented women.

Okay, so now my black pussy matters?

My grandmothers did not when they were being raped, and the thousands of Capitol Hill escorts that millions of federal money has sponsored did not matter, but now, reproduction is an issue?

As if they really cared about majority of the women in the United States; in particular, women of color and low wealth women.

How cowardice they have become—as the seriousness of women’s rights and women’s health is political fodder.

But what is it about reproductive rights that is such an issue? It’s deeper than birth control, population control, and social control.

Is it the low birth rates of whites? The increasing birth rates of Latinos? And those black folk that continue to multiply, even in the midst of multiple genocidal actions against their survival?

Please y’all, help me in understanding. Or in the words of Representative Eleanor Norton, “Go Straight to Hell.”