Church ordered by Phoenix Arizona judge to stop feeding the homeless

With Thanksgiving right around the corner this is a pretty messed up story. It’s bad enough that there’s a “problem” with homeless people all across the country, but it’s especially troubling when a judge acts in the interest of the public decides to sweep them under a rug and deny them access to one of the most critical resources….


The homeless in Phoenix, Ariz. will have to find a new place for a pancake breakfast after a court ruling forced a neighborhood church to shut down its charity dining hall. The ruling sets a precedent for all churches zoned in residential areas of Phoenix, which will force church volunteers to relocate their homeless food services to commercial parts of the city or end their meal services entirely, reports

Check out the video:

Ain’t America grand? Considering that the state of Arizona ranks pretty high as far as home foreclosures, this is pretty messed up don’t you think? I mean people are sympathetic and make effort to feed the kids they show on TV with flies on their faces. Yeah, they’ll listen to Sally Struthers and pull out that bank card or credit card and dial that one eith hundred number. But yet, with homeless and hungry people here, they’re more concerned about the rise in homeless people in their neighborhoods who are just trying to eat?

Yeah I don’t exactly like the idea of somebody taking a dump on my lawn either. But I just happen to think this is wrong to order a church to stop feeding the homeless. It’s what they do for crying out loud! It’s not like they were running a friggin needle exchange program! Lord forbid they extend a hand to the downtrodden.