Jail Time for Organic Beets

When growing up, two cats in a yard was the American Dream. Detroiter, Julie Bass upped that vision by planting organic vegetables in her front landscape as opposed to itchy grass and birds of paradise.

A mother and avid urban green thumb, Bass decided to take on the project because purchasing organic food in a city that doesn’t have a major grocery store is worse than these inflated petro prices.

Bass thought she was planting a cool organic garden in the fiscally-dead city of Detroit. Especially in a cityscape that has so many abandoned, burnt out, and bull-dozed buildings that hundreds of square miles overgrown by nature created the concept called “urban prairie.” To have a well maintained garden at a home that you still own is providing a model for Detroiters, you think?

Well, the City of Detroit feels otherwise. This godforsaken, neglected city who is known surely for its immaculate record of governance (thanks to Cadillac Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and Monica Conyers) has fined her, given her a warning, and now is seeking jail time.

Ironically, this is black agricultural week, and I bet you Carter G. Woodson and Booker T. Washington are shitting in the heavens right now looking at the Motor City dish its latest ordinance of backward bullshit.

Bass, I hope you bring a corn stalk and tell the prosecution where to stick it. Fuckers.