Yesterday I was just talking to my very good friend (fŭng’kē) [blak] [chik] on the phone about her dating escapades in the DC/Maryland/Virginia metro area. That woman had me rolling on the floor because of some of the shit she was saying about the men up there. Seriously, you foklks should read this blog in particular that she wrote the other day: A Midget In A Micro-Mini

I’ve always told her she was picky when it comes to men. To which she said that she most definitely was. After which I told her that I knew she was bourgeois; her and I have an ongoing joke about her uppity ways. But its not just her, as a matter of fact, I pretty much stereotype all DC/VA/MA as being bourgeois anyway. I know some of you reading this are from that area, and like my friend would say that the men up there are a trip. But are they really?

Now I could be wrong, and please tell me if I am. But I believe that women, Black women in particular, have a tendency to become very picky as they move up the socio-economic ladder. Am I right? Of course I am; RiPPa is never wrong (LOL). And in becoming the uppity bourgeois bitch [insert giggle here] they tend to limit themselves when it comes to dating. And usually when they do, they’ve become so much that they look for every detail to discredit the dude who comes a calling.

My girl was tellin me how she went to a club with a dude she met recently, only to notice he was wearing a hearing aid while they were on the dance floor. I laughed. Something about a deaf person dancing at a club made me laugh. Yeah I know, I’m twisted like that, and its sad. But I laughed even harder at the image she created in my head in describing dude dry humping her leg trynna get some at the crib after wards. I could only picture her face as she kept looking at the hearing aid.

But this blog isn’t about my friend, its about women in general. Like I stated before, I think a lot of successful women are single because they’re looking for, or waiting on the lord to send them a good man. Well, what exactly is a real man, or a good man? And why are you waiting on the lord to send you one? I mean, obviously since I’m not a spiritual or religious person, I had no idea that God was the one who ran Eharmony.com. I never knew God was in the matchmaking business. Sure he created the heaven and earth, so why should I think any different. But to say that you’re waiting on him to send you a good man would imply that he has sent you bad men in the past, no?

I mean, surely your choice of man, or your character had nothing to do with the men you’ve attracted. Yup, you played the hand that God dealt you, and dealt with that no good dude. Its all God’s fault. God made that imperfect or fake man as well did he not? Yes he did. So wouldn’t that imply then that God himself is flawed and imperfect? I mean after all, he’s the one sending out men and women right? I mean, isn’t he the one responsible for the men that comes into your lives? And having said that, isn’t that the reason some of you continue to fuck with no good guys until the good one comes along. You know, kinda like the lady looking bored in the pic above?

So in closing I’ll ask again: What is a real man? What makes a man real and not fake, and hence a good man? Is there some extra chromosome that I don’t know about that genetically impacts said man rating? And if God is the one responsible for these men walking the earth, and he made us all in his image, wouldn’t that mean that God is fucked up too?