Hidden Racism: Gender of Black female South African runner questioned. They should test those ugly female Eastern European athletes as well.

Today I find out the sex of my unborn. Never before have I been excited in anticipation to see huge balls instead of a vagina. See, you have to understand. In my house, I am a minority; yes, I’m the only male. I’m a married man with three daughters and from the looks of things, this is my last shot. So needless to say, though excited, I’m a bit nervous. Speaking of nervous, 18yr. old South African runner Caster Semenya may be a bit pissed off rather than nervous right about now:Now see, that’s just messed up to me. Hearing a European White man say “this is suspicious,” as that fat bastard in the video above said is insulting. Lemme see, aside from looking like Lisa Leslie’s little brother, and Serena Williams when she was the ugly little sister with those beads in her hair, she looks female to me. But to suggest or cast “suspicion” because she kicked a bunch of White girls asses? You saw the video above; she kicked they ass! It’s one thing to question her gender because she looks a lil bit like Terrell Owens, but come on man?!!

I mean is it that White folks are fed up, and tired of losing? What’s next, are they gonna test Jamaican world record holder Usian Bolt to see if he’s a cheetah? I tell you what. Lets start testing those eastern European female athletes we see competing on the world stage. Yeah, I’ve seen some of those White chicks with uni-brows, hairy legs, thick mustaches and built like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Conan the Barbarian, but nobody ever says anything about testing them. So yeah, why don’t we test “Helga” and the rest of them.

Listen Black people, we have to get together and stop this. This is scientific racism at it’s finest. Yes, it’s like that whole Bell Curve thing all over again; and, in Germany of all places; I guess they’re still not over that whole Jesse Owens thing. If we don’t stop this you know what’s gonna happen? I have the sneaky suspicion that my melanin deficient cousins here in America will get the hint and start testing those nappy headed hoes sisters in the WNBA, and Jody Watley. And y’all know that shit would not be cool. I tell you what, if I was her father I’d be pissed too.

But all of that aside, what if she was a man?