So Suge Knight got knocked out at a club this past weekend. Oh well, who cares. Its become big news. And why? Because its big bad Suge Knight. Just the name scares me. Yeah right! I don’t really see the big deal, hell, the dude is broke, and old. Last I heard he only had $13 in his bank account and had to file for bankruptcy. Why the fuck was he in the club anyway. I mean that dude’s like 45yrs old ain’t he? See, thats why I don’t go to the club. I’d be damned if I’m the old nigga gettin knocked the fuck out by some young dude.

But not Suge, he had to be the old nigga in the club wearing a Newport labeled hat, and a Kools T-Shirt. Oh don’t front, you know you’ve seen old dudes in the club with Jheri curls, wack gear, knob toed Stacy Adams wit tube socks. I know I did back in my club going days, and that was when I vowed to never be the old dude in the club. I mean, looking like somebody’s drunk uncle is not cool. By the time you’re 35yrs old its time to hang it up trynna hang with the young people. If you need to go out, stick to the old people spots. You know, like the local American Legion, or like the bar at Holiday Inn. Trust me, your old ass is safe there, and nobody is gonna laugh at you for doing the Electric Slide, or singing “Too Legit To Quit”.

Its only so long before that Mr. Badass rep and attitude diminishes, and the embarassment of being you takes over. You gotta remember, that we’re getting older, and these young dudes are all looking to make a name for themselves. Why the fuck should they respect, or look up to oldass has been niggas like Suge. There’s a place for has been cats, and its called the internet.