Earlier this year, we commemorated the 40th anniversary of the assasination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He was killed here in Memphis Tn, and as I’m sure you know, this year there was a massive turnout to the Lorriane Motel (where he was killed — now the National Civil Rights Museum). It was a somber day here in the city, as well as a rather rainy one.
Nonetheless, thousands braved the weather to listen to speakers eulogize Dr. King. The one thing that stood out to me that day, was the fact that there were presidential candidates in attendance, and they all gave speeches. Even John McCain was present, and apologized for voting against the King Holiday as him being a Senator from Arizona. It was a great day here in Memphis, but unfortunately, Barack Obama never showed. He was off on the campaign trail in another state. To me, that was disappointing. As significant a day as it was, surely, he could have taken the day to stop here in Memphis as the other candidates did. I don’t know his reasoning for not being there. But I sure hope that it wasn’t because he didn’t feel the need to pander to black voters as the other candidates did. Maybe he thought that he has the black vote sewed up because he’s a black man? Then again, maybe he didn’t wanna appear to be TOO BLACK. I really don’t know, maybe it was not a big deal to you, but it was to me because I pay attention to shit like that. Do you remember who was there when Dr. King was killed? Surely you’ve seen the now iconic picture by now. Maybe you haven’t seen it in a while, but Jesse Jackson was there. He was there as Dr. King laid motionless at his feet. Oh what a sad day I’m sure it was. Fast forward to today, and its still a sad day. Jesse Jackson, the same man who was there, is now the house nigger of the week. because of his statements. As I’m sure you know by now, he was caught while making a comment about Barack Obama. A private comment I might add, which he gave upon being asked his opinion. Lets be honest, he didn’t actually go on record with his statement now did he? But for some reason, there are many black folks who see him as being jealous of Barack Obama. Yeah, Jesse is a hater, for having an opinion. I guess the thing that bugs me about all of this, is that people are acting as if Obama is above critique. Are we that desparate for a black president that we’re willing to throw Jesse under the bus? If you say yes, it wouldn’t surprise me. Barack Obama has sure done his fair share of denunciation, and has quite become an expert at throwing people under the bus himself. But yet, black people continue to support him blindly, as he can do no wrong.All of a sudden Barack has become the voice of black America despite not directly addressing black America about the issues which affect us directly. Maybe I’m wrong, but if you know differently than I, feel free to enlighten me. Jesse on the other hand, has been fighting in the trenches for at least the last 40yrs. Unfortunately for him, people feel like he’s irrelevant, and a house nigger for saying what he said. Very few of us have taken the time to speak or focus on what his concerns were. Personally, he has a very valid opinion in questioning Mr. Obama and the manner with which he spoke to black folks directly. He’s spoken to other groups and organizations and he has yet to speak negatively or bring up their negative points. But yet, when it comes to us, we get the lecture. How much longer must black people be “lectured” to? Are we the only ethnic group in this country with problems? If it wasn’t for Jesse Jackson and the efforts of others like him, there’d be no Barack Obama. But how soon we forget. He’s old school and is irrelevant. Lets not forget that he’s a hater as well. These are sentiments that I’ve heard or read for the last two days. Frankly, it saddens me that black people can turn on another as fast as we do. Especially when its an issue brought to light the way it was by a right wing news media establishment who has a beef with Jesse. In case you forgot, Jesse blasted Bill O’Reilly for his racist comment last fall about visiting that resturant up in Harlem. Remember that? Jesse made that bastard look like a fool in an interview. Now conveniently, three days after these comments were recorded, they were released on Bill O’Reilly’s show. Get the connection now? Oh well, none of that matters. Jesse is the house negro of the week and everybody still loves Obama. Thats cool. Jesse has been here fighting the good fight for over 40yrs and he damn sure ain’t going anywhere. If i were him, I’d probaly say fuck black people, and just stick to going overseas and negotiating hostage releases. He’s more appreciated that way I guess. But I do know that he was here in Memphis Tn. and spoke at the Martin Luther King Jr. 40th anniversary commemoration of the assasination when Barack Obama was a no show. I’m guessing Martin Luther King Jr. is irrelevant as well. Why even celebrate his birthday next year? He’s not inportant. Obama is whats happening now, and he’s gonna be the one to bring change to a system which has worked against us for over 400yrs. Its all gonna get better once he’s sworn in. Am I saying that Jesse was right for what he said as for wanting to cut off Obama’s balls? No I’m not, but I do understand his frustration. Hopefully Jesse has cable TV in the retirement home he’ll be relegated to by Black America. After all, the revolution will be televised.But hey, don’t listen to anything I have to say….Here are some thoughts from a pretty smart black man….