I Wanna Be Like Vick

by Eco.Soul.Intellectual

Right now, Michael Vick is the most undermined player in football, but each week he keeps shitting on his haters. Even though the referees don’t call unsportsmanlike hits made against him on the field, and much of the industry refuses to acknowledge that not only has his game improved, but his character is elevated, I take my hat off to you.

Sunday’s game against the Giants is much like Vick’s life. All the hype and high feelings in the beginning. Everybody loves him until he gets into a funk. When he is down he becomes the predictable “limited athlete”. Then he silences the naysayers in an explosive come back, at the point most don’t believe in him.

EcoSoul’s Quick Play Back
The sports announcers were doing the typical “White quarterback is God” dog-and-pony-show. Repeatedly saying how Manning was outperforming Vick. And I have to admit, the Giants had the Eagles shook. They came out of the block ready to knock Vick’s head off and crush the whole team. Even for a minute the Eagles coach, Andy Reid was shaken.

And then . . . the tables turned and Vick began to run his ass off, including DeSean Jackson; and the team came together and did one of those Celie lines in “The Color Purple,”  . . . You know when she says to Mister, “Me and my kids gonna whoop yo ass.” And yep, the Eagles did. Mopped that ass on the Giants’ field.

People in Brick City and some parts of New York were yelling the Giants and Eli Manning’s name all this week in an orgasmic frenzy. They would ask me who I’m rooting for, and without a blink, I would say, “Vick, because I want him to show people how to be victorious.”

If you want to look at someone who bounces back from bad life decisions, it is Vick.

I’m not gonna front. I follow people I believe in. Maybe it is fair-weather behavior, but I am an Eagles fan because I wanna see Vick win. If he didn’t have a loyal baby’s mother and those herpes rumors, I would introduce him to one of my single sisters. Just playing . . . uh, no I’m not.

On Saturday when I participated in a toy drive a young boy told a volunteer that he wanted to be football player. I wanted to throw my hands up and say, “Why, Lawd? Why are the only role models for black boys are football and basketball players?” But if this young child desires to be a football player, I would pull out Vic as one template.

We all are worthy of redemption. Even if we stumble on the road to it, we all deserve multiple chances at life.

Oh, and by the way. Nicki Minaj needs to take the Eli Manning line out of her “Roman’s Revenge” because Eli is bitch-slapping himself right now. Maybe if you could run like that black quarterback. LOL!

BTW, I am adding onto my Christmas List the hope that PETA and dog-lovers are as  unmerciful to the murders of black people as they are of dogs.

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