Hypocrisy: Democrats Silent As President Obama Extends The Patriot Act

I remember when George Bush signed The Patriot Act back in the day, and just how pissed off us lefty lovers of liberty and justice were. I also remember just how appaled we were about the countless instances where people were arrested, held indefinitely in jails across the country, for practically nothing related to 9/11 and or any other terroristic threats or activities. And now here we are today and president Obama has extended The Patriot Act, and yet there’s not a word of dissent, disgust, or even disappointment from anyone identified as an Obama supporter. Of course to do so would mean you’re racist; and that’s not cool. Nope, not in post-racial America where “Blackness” now means no excuses for regular Black folk, and a free pass if you happen to be POTUS.

So, can anyone tell me just exactly what the fuck actually changed? Oh, all of a sudden it’s cool to infringe on our civil liberties because, well, the sitting president happens to be a Democrat? OK, so lemme get this right: Osama bin Laden is dead, Al-Qaeda has been reduced to about 12 people after trillions spent on a bullshit war on terror; but the war continues, and yet and still it’s important to keep legislation alive which allows the government to give you an anal probe whenever they feel like it without probable cause?

But anyway, lemme stop my tired-ass Liberal/Progressive whining before Seal Team 6 shows up at my door ready to pump something not-so-nice into my booty, and dump my fat ass in the Mississippi river in some secret mission.

Too bad they didn’t have this shit when Negroes were terrorized…