How Rick Perry Burned Texas and Now Wants YOU to Pay For It

There’s so much going on in the media and I can barely keep up with it since the drone of people ill equipped to discuss political discourse makes my tongue itch.

Amid the trail of disaster left by Hurricane Irene and the recent earth quake that struct our inexperienced East Coast there are now news reports coming in about how the state of Texas has been turned into an enormous smoke cloud.

If you are like me, these natural disasters are a little above your head. Here in the New England-ish areas we are used to absolute seasons including some rain storms, some snow, some stretches of heat waves; normal stuff.

I’ll even go as far as to say that the average person doesn’t really pay much attention to natural disasters like the one that is ravaging through Texas as a result of a high drought season.

Rick Perry loves his great state of Texas, after all, he’s been begging for Federal funds to help him fight the impeding forest fires.

He even went so far as to say that Obama had a personal vendetta against him for not satisfying his demands for money for bulldozers and additional fire fighters.

The state of Texas knew the fires were coming, because apparently this is common in Texas.

And if that is so then why did Rick Perry and his Republican led cronies cut over $30 million dollars of funding to the Texas Forest Service, the main department that monitors, conducts research and fights these reoccurring Texas fires?

Made up of mostly volunteer firefighters they largely depend on state grant money to purchase fire fighting equipment and supplies.

No state grant money. No supplies. That seems easy enough.

It is so hard to ignore this little fax pas on behalf of Republican candidate Rick Perry.

What would be the justification of slashing the budget for basic state specific social services like firefighters in a place that’s known to burn?

With the loss of human capital and dire private financial cost which will be placed on the backs of the citizens of Texas one can only wonder what a country would look like with Rick Perry at the helm?

I mean, if Perry cuts Federal budgets and waits on someone else to come and rescue us….who would that be exactly?

And why is it okay for him to bitch about Federal bail outs for people who need it yet feel obligated to receive Federal money when he’s one of the people on the welfare line with his greasy hand out?

Much like Michelle Bachman these politicians want the rest of us to (literally) starve while they pretend to be one of us poor and needy folks.

The only difference is that THEY can get on line and receive the benefits of Federal aid/welfare.

You and I are left to stand on never ending soup lines that ultimately reach an indifferent, low education, entitlement enjoying state worker who will eventually decline your application for whatever the hell it is that you are standing on this line for.

Don’t let America get screwed like the once great state of Texas…after all, not only did they get screwed.

They got burned as a result of it!