How Much Longer Will We Tolerate Savage Homophobia In Our Community?

By Seattle Slim

Look, let me premise this by saying that I don’t agree with homosexuality. Yes, I said it. And I don’t care if anyone agrees with me or not on that. It is just a sexual preference, and I think people, straight and gay, put way too much stock into who people ultimately choose to screw.

Because of that, I am patently against homophobia and the attack on this poor child, 9th grader Jayron Martin, is nothing short of savage. He was threatened with an ass kicking by some bully punks for being gay. He went to his school leadership for help and they turned their backs on him (Click here for more info).

While I may not agree with homosexuality, they are fellow human beings. I’m a Christian and I know full and damned well that we are supposed to treat others the way we want to be treated. I also know that the Bible clearly states that God loves us all, even the people we as humans don’t believe are worthy of His love. Thank God it’s not up to us, and it’s up to Him.

I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be beaten for being straight, or being in an interracial relationship with a white guy. Even though I don’t agree, I don’t think, nay, I know it’s wrong as hell to attack people for their sexual preferences, specifically for being homosexual. That’s not alright.

Just this April, Carl Joseph Walker committed suicide because kids taunted him by calling him gay. No one even knows if he was gay or not, he was just different, and that was enough to start the gay taunts. Sadly, he was not the first suicide, nor the last, due to sickening homophobia.

Young black boys have this screwed up idea of masculinity because the fathers aren’t in the home, or the fathers don’t give a shit. That’s bad in and of itself, and harmful to them, but if you add homophobia, you’ve got a toxic cocktail of disdain and hatred.

We need to stop turning blind eyes to this form of sexual harassment; this homophobia. Had the Horace Mann Leadership Charter School not turned a blind eye to homophobic taunting and teasing, Carl Joseph Walker might still be alive today. Jayron could’ve been killed, but of course, he’s gay so his life must be expendable, right?

Most authority figures in schools could give a damn less about young black boys and girls, but they apparently throw “different” kids to the wolves without batting an eye. And don’t think these beast won’t come after you or your kids if you so much as get on their reactionary radar. These same beasts are from the same animal species that killed Derrion Albert, taunted Carl Joseph Walker and attacked a Haitian woman and her son in the Dunbar Village rape back in 2007.

If we don’t stand up for youths and adults like Jayron, whether or not we agree with their lifestyle or sexual preference, not a soul will stand up for us when these feral ass kids turn on us.

Jayron should’ve been protected. He should’ve never been attacked. His story is a litmus test for all of us and we should be paying attention. How many more black boys and girls will have to be chased, beaten or driven to suicide before we do something?

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