How a Fully Loaded Tomato Changed Our Lives

by Eco.Soul.Intellectual

In 1994, a new type of tomato was introduced. This fruit (yup it’s a fruit) was crossbreed with the arctic fish to produce a crop that withstood cold weather.

Since, apples have been crossbreed with moths, lettuce with rats, potatoes with spider genetic strains and salmon is now being “farmed” or cloned through genetic splicing.

Today, has resulted in almost 90% of genetically engineered crops produced in the Americas.

Currently, the United States has a law that does not require genetically modified foods (GMO) to be listed in the ingredients. While European consumers have rejected GMOs in their products, multinational companies (Coca Cola, General Mills, Etc.) have complied, but still dump them in the United States and other places such as South Africa.

Meanwhile, farmers in poverty and food-stricken Haiti have burned seeds from seed conglomerate, Monsanto that have supplied Haitians with GMO seeds. These seeds are only good for one season, and sterilize the ground, have become the agricultural bully around the world.

GMOs or Biotech crops have been a bone of food-contention since they were largely introduced in the 90s. It is the process of splicing DNA of several organisms and embedding DNA of other organisms to create produce that is studier in production.

Haven’t you noticed that food has gotten prettier, more abundant and cheaper in seasons you would never see a blackberry?

This video explains the issues of GMO. Below is a very short list of genetically modified foods. The top three culprits are Monsanto, Dow Chemicals and DuPont.