Hey Soulja Boy, that’s not swag, that’s gay!

Ok, so yeah there have been rumors. Rumors that I have yet to give any thought. But seeing how the pic above was posted on Twitter, I can’t help but to think Mr. Boytellum is trying to tell us something. First off all, did he actually hop up out the bed, turn his swag on and took a look in the mirror and said wassup when he took this picture? Did he really trun his swag on or was he trying to turn on a guy named Swag. I’m just sayin folks: famous or not, why would I wake up in the morning and take a picture of myself with morning wood? Answer: because I’m gay and I plan to post the pic on Twitter to turn on my gay male fans which would mean…I’m gay!

Nothing wrong with being gay mind you; this post isn’t a shot at homosexuals. What’s wrong however is being a supposed role model to kids and putting this out there yourself. Even worse than that is giving gay people a bad name by being the walking advertisement for White Supremacist groups (thanks Elon). I’m seriously having a hard time accepting that he sought female attention from this picture. It’s too bad that the females drooling over this pic on Twitter and everywhere else have no clue. And what’s sad is that some of them are old enough to be his mother; nasty ass heffas.

I’m sorry, but if you’re a sex symbol, the ladies will let you know and there would be no need for this type of self-promotion. Yes, and this is why I’m convinced that Soulja Boy is gay, and Swag is the nickname of one of his lovers. I mean, he is from Atlanta, right? No disrespect to the ATL…but you folks need to pass legislation banning this type of swag; or any alleged “swag” coming from Zoboomafoo posing in the picture above. Yes, I need one of you to tell this clown to hop his ass back in the bed and never wake up.

Yep, Soulja Boy is Tellin’em alright.