Hey, John Boehner: GOP Spending Cuts Treat the Poor Like Wet Food Stamps

I have a lil’ something to say about the Obama Administration’s proposed 2012 budget released a couple of days ago. But that’s gonna be in an upcoming post shortly so stay tuned. However, I’ve heard it said that Obama’s proposal plays heavily as a political move to ensure re-election. Supposedly it’s designed to pull in independent voters, who as I’m told, are more concerned about this country’s budget deficit than the jobs crisis. Who needs to work in a recession, right?

Of course this sounds ass-backwards to me, but then again, I’m not a fence-straddling independent voter. I’m just an asshole with a blog who just so happens to believe, that “we the people” (yes, even the unemployed lazy ones too tired to look for work as said by Conservatives) are what makes America great. Having said that, lets take a listen to what one professed independent voter calling in to C-SPAN’s Washington Journal thinks.

The subject of the show being the GOP’s proposed budget cuts. Viewers were asked, “What if any programs would you like to see cut from the federal budget?” The real irony here is the fact that the following response to the question comes from an Ohio resident who just so happens to live in John Boehner’s district. You know, the same Boehner who said “so be it” should the GOP spending cuts create job losses? Yes folks, Boehner will be here all week.

You gotta watch this:

Now I’m not the smartest person in the world, but even I can see a problem with this callers asinine proposal. Much like the proposed GOP spending cuts (and some of the White House’s) the idea to cut Food Stamps is an assault on the already working poor, and newly poor. But I suppose nothing is more motivational as saying, “put down the Beluga Caviar and get a job you lazy bum,” than proposing to cut food stamps; that’ll learn them teat suckers.

But then again, maybe I’m wrong. There were 43.6 million people on the SNAP program (Food Stamps) in November – a 400, 000 increase from the previous month, and a 5.3 million increase from a year prior. According to The Wall Street Journal, in August of 2010, there were 42.3 million Americans on Food Stamps, which was an increase of 17% from the previous year; and, a 58.5% increase from August, 2007. Oh wait, there was a recession in between there?

Clearly, anyone looking at these numbers can see that the numbers have, and are increasing with the recession, which by all accounts has officially ended. Yay! One small problem though? That lagging unemployment thingy which is an important concern for people like myself and other progressives. Conservatives and independents like the caller above? They’re more worried that lazy bums on food stamps the unemployed would more than diminish the share of steak and lobsters reserved for the wealthiest 2% earners in America.