Hey, Herman Cain: Why Shouldn’t We Believe Ginger White’s 13-Year-Affair Story?

Oh Lord, oh Lord, oh Lord; hot damn, here we go again! Just when you thought this fool was gonna fade to black, in comes another allegation of for ya boy Herman Cain. I gotta admit, with Newt Gingrich being the front runner and getting all the attention, this shit has been boring. So yeah, let’s just say I welcome this fuckery. And you know what they say: where there’s smoke there’s Herman Cain. And you know what? I believe this one is the death blow. With yet another sexual impropriety allegation, either Herman is quite the ladies man, or those racist liberals are really out to get him as he says.  But you know what? I’ve been waiting for this to happen. I’ve been waiting for a woman to come forward alleging a relationship with Herman, but I never thought it would be a thirteen year affair. Yes, this time it’s alleged by Atlanta business woman, Ginger White will be Cain’s curtain call. That’s unless he can convince folks that once again, that it’s the dirty racist liberals once again.

This via Atlanta’s Fox 5:

I'm Not A Reader, But I'm A Leader With A Peter!

First off, ain’t it kinda funny that Cain has a thing for broke broke women? I mean let him tell it, all these women are just out to get paid. And ironically, at least in two of his allegations, he was seeking to help these women out. You know what that tells me? That tells me that Herman Cain is a Captain save-a-hoe ass Negro. That’s right, he’s the neighborhood trick daddy. You know that old dude who all the girls seem to flock to around the way. Yeah, the one who you always wonder if he’s actually hitting; it? Well, Cain has a little more than a piece 0f change in his pocket; and, l;et him tell it, this makes him a target. But in my opinion, it’s the other way around. I believe Cain used his wealth, power, and status to get women. Please belive that there are a lot of men like this that exist in this world, and I firmly believe that Cain is one of them. Uh-huh, it’s a money, power, and respect thing y’all. Hell, you see how he refers to himself in third person in press conferences, and on the campaign trail? Well, this is typical behavior for ego-maniacal narcissist. Hell, Cain is so much of a narcissist that I think the nickname for his penis is, Herman Cain.

All in all, I could be wrong about him; maybe Ginger White isn’t telling the truth. Hell, maybe her story was indeed concocted the Cain campaign. I mean it’s not beyond the possibility of them doing that. Shit, when the first allegations hit, he did raise a substantial amount of money for his campaign by supporters who rallied behind him, no? Given how he has slipped off in recent polls, and given that he has nothing substantive to bring to the table. Could it not be a set up by him to curry favor with supporters once again? Sure what I just described sounds ridiculous. But hey, it can’t be more ridiculous than his preemptive response via CNN and subsequent press release from his attorney before the story broke. I suppose Ginger White was right when she said, “Herman Cain loves Herman Cain.” And no matter what he says, no man can be this innocent, this many times.

Shout out to Herman Cain, a true lover of white women…

Let;s face it, it gets no whiter than Ginger, except for maybe Lilly.