Hey, Donald Trump: We Need to See Your Toupee’s Birth Certificate or STFU!

“See, this hair isn’t from Kenya.”

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been around and posting for quite some time. Well, I’ve been on hiatus due to recent surgery for my ongoing eye problems. Surgery went well, and I’m back; and, I’m happy to report that I am no longer legally blind as vision has been restored. Yeah, y’een know I was doing this blog shit blind, right? Uh-huh, imagine that; a blind racism chasing blogger. Yup, I should get a medal for this shit or something of the sort.

But anyway, during my recovery not being able to read (on and offline) proved to be a bitch. As a result, I had to resort to actually paying attention to corporate run media outlets for news and commentary. If it wasn’t for television stations like Link TV, I would have probably shot my television by now out of frustration over some of the garbage I was hearing. For example, Donald Trump got on my last shred of nerves the other day popping off on The View about President Obama’s birth certificate:

Now look, I realize the field of potential GOP presidential candidates reads like a who’s who of certified dumbassness, knuckledragery, and hypocrisy of the Batshit crowd. Yes, they even have “Black Garbage Pail Kid” and slave-catcher extraordinaire Herman Cain running off at the mouth talking about him being “a real Black man,” and suggesting that Obama doesn’t want none because his penis is bigger… Negro please! Sit’cho ass down somewhere, Herman. Those white folks in the GOP ain’t feeling you that much, broham.

But of all the potential GOP candidates, none makes my asshole itch more than Donald Trump. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of hearing and smelling the turds which speweth from that trough that passes as a mouth of his. Seriously, I’m sick of his media attention whorism as he continues to lambaste the president. Shit, talk about his policies if you disagree, but now this prick is pulling Birther shit? Hell, when will this Kenya crap ever die down?

Well you know what? Sure Donald Trump fits the mold of POTUS perfectly (of course his punk-ass isn’t gonna get anywhere near a nomination). He’s a rich white man; and judging by the last oxygen thief in office, that’s qualification enough. However, to get my vote, Trump’s toupee needs to produce a birth certificate. If a Black man and his family can’t sleep at the White House and run the country, we damn sure can’t have a guy with imported rat hair doing it… or is that permed alpaca? Show your shit, Donald; and stay of my teevee.