Hey Barack, can you spare a brotha a job?

“Black unemployment is terrible. The black frame of mind is terrible. They’re depressed. They’re down, Obama not doing anything for them. How’s that hoax and change working for ya?” – Rush LimbaughYou know, some people talk about all the negative things about being in “the hood”, and it’s understandable because for some it is a tragic existence. However, in doing so I have to wonder if the potential for greatness by people born into circumstances of economic inequity is overlooked. I wonder how many roses get stepped on, or wither a cold death as they attempt to seek the sunlight fighting through the cracks of concrete sidewalks as they seek life?

I’m guessing this is why the CBC (Congressional Black Caucus) decided last week to heavily critique Barack Obama for not doing much by the way of job creation in urban centers predominantly inhabited by people of color. A pretty bold move considering that to some with whom he shares the same skin color, he’s beyond reproach. But with the black unemployment rate for young people currently at 30.5%, I’d say it’s time to ring the alarm.

QUESTION: Do you think they were out of order to do just that?

Well, here’s a positive story from “the hood” that you won’t see on the news, but it must be told. To be honest with you I believe if some of that TARP money is dedicated to this program in the short term it could be effective.Checkout the following video, and if you’re interested do yourself and everybody a favor by reaching out to your elected officials at the state and federal level to make it happen.