Herman Cain To Give Exclusive First Post-Candidate Interview To BET – Oh, He’s Black Now?

A few weeks ago on Twitter I jokingly asked: when would there be a GOP Debate hosted and aired on BET? Knowing that something like that would never happen, I did in fact at the thought of the GOP Clown Show being on BET attempting to make a case for support in next years General Election. You gotta admit, seeing a bunch of Republicans pander to the Black vote in an attempt to defeat president Barack Obama would be hilarious. More specifically, it would have been a riot to see Herman Cain give his best soul brother number one impersonation while his white GOP com padres watched. Oh how awkward it would have been to see Mitt Romney raise the roof while singing “Who Let The Dogs Out” in 2011, while a drunk Governor Rick Perry forgetting where he was, told his best “nigger” jokes. Yeah, if only Black votes were important to them, that would be nice.

If only I could be so lucky to be witness to such a spectacle. But be that as it may, maybe the closest I can get to such foolishness would be Herman Cain giving an exclusive first interview to the good folks over at Black Entertainment Television tomorrow night. I gotta admit, when I got the phone call just now that this was going down, I thought it was a practical joke. I thought one of my good Black Republican friends was getting payback for all my cruel posts about the candidate formerly known as Black Walnut. I figured it was a set up, so since I refuse to watch BET, instead of turning to that channel to see the promo as I was told to. I decided to use the Google, and low and behold, this is what I came up with via The Hill’s Blog Breifing Room:

Black Entertainment Television will air exclusive interviews with former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, in what the network calls “a deeper characterization of one of the most controversial black political figures in contemporary America.”

In a documentary titled “The Curious Case of Citizen Cain,” Cain will discuss what he calls the “scams perpetrated on blacks” by liberal black leaders, his unique brand of black conservatism, and the sex scandals that ultimately sunk his campaign.

After a surprising and sustained rise in the polls, Cain faded amid increased scrutiny of his “9-9-9” tax plan, foreign policy missteps, and allegations of sexual harassment and marital infidelity.

Cain vehemently denied the allegations of sexual misconduct, calling them a conspiracy to smear him because of his unexpected rise in the polls.

On Saturday, Cain suspended his campaign, saying he wanted to protect his family from the media scrutiny.

“BET News retraces his unconventional rise to the top of the GOP presidential field, and his dramatic political descent,” the network said in a press release.

In addition to covering Cain’s campaign, the BET documentary will look at the social forces surrounding the candidate.

“BET News takes a look at Cain, a black man, who admits to avoiding the Civil Rights Movement, attacks the methods and motives of Jesse Jackson, Julian Bond, and Joseph Lowry, and openly embraces the Tea Party,” the release said. “The special also focuses on Cain deeply exploring his own black experience and how it has shaped him over time, from emerging out of nowhere to becoming the first black candidate in American political history to lead a Republican presidential field.”

“The Curious Case of Citizen Cain” will air Thursday Dec. 8 at 9 p.m. EST, and is hosted by Emmy-award winning journalist Emmett Miller.

After reading that, I couldn’t help but to think: oh how the mighty have fallen – finally, Herman Cain remembers he’s a Black man. No seriously, there’s a certain dramatic irony here. The minute Cain has been kicked to the curb by the GOP establishment who never took him seriously anyway. The first thing he does is run to BET to give an exclusive interview billed as a documentary? Lemme guess: white folks are still mad at him for running his scam, taking their money and running away for Fox News to welcome him with open arms. Yep, all of a sudden Herman Cain wants to talk to “brainwashed” Black folks to tell the same old tired lies about his sexual improprieties his side of the story. Where were you all this time Herman? You weren’t talking to Black folks before now?

Surely he knows Black folks aren’t gonna fall for his bullshit.  Surely he knows we ain’t gonna donate to his TheCainSolutions.com panhandling site that he has for the sole purpose of juicing more idiots out of their money. If you ask me, he should just skip the bullshit and go ahead and do an appearance on 106th & Park if he intends to do promotional work like everybody else on there does. Sure that might not be his targeted demographic – yeah, teeny boppers don’t give a damn about no 9-9-9 Plan. But you never now what white forty-something MILF behind on her rent might be watching. Herman Cain doesn’t love the kids like my man Trick Daddy. However, he sho’ does love trickin’ fools and white women. The jury’s still out on whether I’ll be watching, but there’s something about Coonery that’s entertaining I suppose. Lord knows he’ll be on the right network for it.