Herman Cain: A Koch Brother’s Brother From Another Mother, & Member Of The Koch Koon Klan

Don’t congratulate me on that nifty headline either, those words aren’t mine, rather they belong to Herman Cain where he was quoted at a recent appearance at the Americans for Prosperity (AFP) convention “Defending the American Dream only days ago.

Now if that ain’t some coon shit!

You’re probably wondering how did the well spoken corporate front runner suddenly think it a good idea to get all ‘Aunt Jamima” at a balller convention? Easy, he has to entertain his ‘sponsors’; he’s not worrying about getting clowned by the public for his behind the scenes behavior.

See, America’s favorite groper was never an ACTUAL candidate. That’s where people seem to get all confused and befuddled.

Herman Cain aka Koch's Coon

You may have remembered my recent article on Herman Cain’s association with the Koch Brothers and how his 9/9/9 plan is a simplified, rehearsed sales pitch to gain the ear of unsuspecting American’s who may not be comfortable voting for Cain but who would still willingly accept the basis for the argument of the 9/9/9 plan and that’s the most damaging thing about this.

In essence, the 9/9/9 plan regurgitates economic policy that is worded to have you THINK it will benefit working class people when in actual fact, it will cause even more economic stress than we already have!

The Koch Brothers are betting on the fact that Black face coupled with some clean cut American corporatism will gain them yet another puppet to do their bidding.

Please don’t tell me you actually thought Clarence Thomas was some type of judicial prize to benefit the intentions ‘of the people’.Ha!

Study of the Cain campaign coincides with our previous research on his friend Clarence Thomas, the Supreme Court associate justice revealed this year to have failed to disclose an estimated $1.6 million in family income and gifts on his sworn annual financial disclosure forms.

Reports mention that many House Democrats are seeking to impeach Clarence Thomas.

Would you want to live in a country where the Koch Brothers have one hand up the ass of the President and the other fist stuffed into the lower intestines of a Supreme Court Justice?

As envisioned in Cain’s 9-9-9 tax plan and in the heightened freedoms for corporations fostered by Koch favorites like Thomas on the Supreme Court in his Citizens United ruling, the new United States would be an experiment whose shape is already becoming apparent. It would continue on the path to reduced taxes for corporations, no inheritance tax even for billionaires — and much-lessened regulation aside from such targeted areas as tighter restrictions on voting eligibility and union organizing.

Don’t get too distracted while we are Occupying Wall Street and pretending to give a full fuck about Thanksgiving genocide of my people and Christmas Jesus birthday. If you sit still and allow these politicians to do their behind the scenes trickery we will be living on platations (as if we aren’t already but that’s another story) and begging Old Mistah Charlie for a day off so we can bury our po’ old Mother.

We’ve come to expect lies and deception from old white men in smart business suits; flipping the race card and putting Black face on the perpetrator ain’t fooling me one bit.

Herman Cain wants to put our dough in the hands of the rich people while he goes dancing down house nigga alley!

Are you gonna let him?