Ok, so I’ve been away for a while; a week to be exact. So where have I been? I went to Denver to the DNC. Yup thats right. What? Did you think that I, the Happy Negro, was gonna miss that event?? It was off the hook up there. it was a city full of political energy. And I’ve returned to you folks even more inspired than ever, and with alotta shit to talk about.

I was hoping to blog from the event, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I was unable to. Yup, they locked me up y’all. Ain’t that some shit? They locked me up at one of the most historic events in Black history, or more specifically, American history. Truthfully, thats the reason I even went; I’m not even a democrat nor am I a republican. But, I guess the police in Denver hasn’t seen it as such by locking up protesters the way they have this week.

You guys know I’ve been outspoken on this forum, and my attendance at the DNC, could only serve similarly to address some of the issues of the day. There were hundreds of people like myself who used the opportunity for civil protest who were arrested like me. People who used the opportunity to stand up, and be the voices of Americans. As some of you were dazzled by the eloquent speeches, people like me, where on the outside fighting the system which was beautiful. It was beautiful because thats what America is about…


Just like all the people protesting the war in Iraq, and Afghanistan, I too was free to protest. I too, was free to protest the lack of fried chicken in Denver. Yeah, I know its in Colorado where the Rocky Mountains lie. Its also the home of Coors beer and not Old English Eight Hundred. But you’d think that with thousands of Black people coming to town for the week, they’d have more fried chicken. I mean hell, the convention had many cooperate sponsors. You think they could at least had Popeye’s or KFC represent the way AT&T did. AT&T shelled out big dollars to have their names plastered everywhere, and the democrats allowed it. The least they could have did with Obama being the first Black nominee is to have fried chicken.

Oh well, so much for Corporate America not having an influence in politics. I guess at the end of the day corporations are as American as baseball, apple pie, and politics, and thats something that not even Barack Obama can change.

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