Guest Blogger: Put the Haterade Down…Iced Tea is So Much Better (by Tha L)

(Editor’s Note: Ladies and gentlemen, there are Black women who talk shit that get on my nerves, and then there are those who talk shit that I love. The author of the blog Blackrageous – “Tha L” – happens to be one of those Black women. What can I say? I guess there’s a soft spot in my heart for sisters not afraid to curse like a sailor all the while pursuing a Ph.D who never comes off like one of these psuedo-intellectual types. People, people, holla at her blog and add that to your daily reading. Now pay attention ladies, and be sure to take notes.)

***Ok, dammit, where’s my fucking soapbox…***


Ok, seriously. Why do so many women hate men so much? And I’m not just talking about black women hating on black men…although I get sooo sick and tired of THAT bullshit. I’m really talking about women of any color hating men of any color. You know the drill: “there just ain’t any good men out there” or “all men are dogs”, and on and on like such.

Sure. Some men do suck. But there’s plenty of sucky ass women out there too. Let’s keep it real.

I get so sick of women who bitch and moan about this sorry ass man and that sorry ass man and the other sorry ass man, but continue to hook up with the same sort of sorry ass men that they love talking shit about. Over and over again.

Believe me when I say, Tha L has had her share of heartbreak. From men and from women. But I don’t think it’s fair to judge all men (or women) by the stupid fucker(s) I have allowed myself to get involved with. It’s my own stupid ass fault for being stupid. And I mean that with all my heart.

Seriously ladies. We attract what we are. If you’re living shitty, walking around with a bad attitude about life, and running in places where dogs run, you WILL attract a shitty ass dog of a man with a bad attitude about life. I’m just sayin…

This is no attempt to convert anyone to my Buddhist faith or anything…but everybody is always talkin’ bout Karma without really understanding what that shit really encompasses. And it gets on my fucking last nerve. So pay attention:

The energy you put OUT is the energy you get BACK. It’s not just about bad people getting their cumeuppance when they screw you over. It’s also about the people we are on the inside and what it attracts to our lives on the outside. It’s about what we do, how we think and how we act. Want a good partner? How bout being a good partner…and not just standing around SAYING you are when you know good & goddamn well that you’re not.

Can we PLEASE stop hating on the men so fucking much? Let’s get our OWN shit together, and believe me when I say that we’ll be utterly AMAZED at what (and who) we attract.

I don’t know…just some shit that’s on my mind.

***Drops the mic and jumps off soapbox…***