Glen Beck says Obama is racist. But doesn’t it take one to know one? Or is it that Beck is just acting “stupidly” as he always does?

It’s probably a good idea to watch this clip before you continue reading:After watching and listening to Glen Beck’s latest on air assertion about President Obama, I’m convinced that there’s a midget employed by Fox who secretly spikes the water with stupid pills. I mean, aside from Jesse Lee Peterson who’s obviously a natural when it comes to being stupid (trust me, his is not an act), people like Beck, O’Reilly and company obviously for the sake of ratings spew feces laden verbiage due to said midget employee. Yeah, I now believe that there’s either a magic Elf or Leprechaun running around Fox studios because those people who work there cannot be this hateful and ignorant.
Can you believe this fool said that Barack Obama was racist and has a problem with White people? Ok, don’t answer that; it’s Glen Beck we’re talking about here. Yes and I’ve already told you how he arrived at that conclusion. But for the sake of this blog let’s just say that Beck wasn’t under the influence, and he was quite a normal and rationally thinking man, lets break down his statement; yes, let’s have ourselves a “teachable moment” shall we:

1) If Barack Obama was racist I think it would mean that upon his election victory last year, a large percentage of the Black electorate would have ran out and purchased guns, no? I mean it only stands to reason that by him being the first Black president that Black people would take to arms as a way of either protecting themselves from the impending race war, or possibly starting one, right?

2) If Barack Obama was racist I doubt that he would create all these caricatures of himself which because of his race are meant to be degrading. I’d like to think that if he were racist he’s wear a Swastika, and maybe, just maybe, he’d idolize Hitler instead of Abraham Lincoln. Surely if he was racist he would publicly call his wife a monkey or gorilla. Yep, and he would be a monkey holding a smoking gun while standing over dead cops in a certain newspaper cartoon.

3) If Barack Obama was racist he would do blogs or in his weekly address to the nation proclaim his disgust for all the trailer park trash little White girls who run around the country wearing those peace sign t-shirts. Not only that, but he’d probably circulate emails throughout his staff and elsewhere depicting White people as cavemen, and blue-eyed devils.

4) If Barack Obama was racist being the Muslim that people thinks he is, he would have already proclaimed Jihad against his own country and flew two planes into Graceland. Or maybe even blew the noses off of George Washington on Mount Rushmore. Yes, only minorities would have health insurance coverage in this country.

5) If Barack Obama was racist he’d ask all White people in this country to produce a birth certificate before they ever tried to gain access to any gov’t services. Either that or all White people would be considered to be European Americans instead of just Americans.

6) If Barack Obama was racist in his speeches to the nation he would say, “My fellow Americans, and the rest of you peckerwoods & crackers out there…”

7) If Barack Obama was racist Rahm Emanuel and all the Jews in this country would be enslaved and forced to build a new White House on the south-side of Chicago. Yep, and Rev. Wright would get to be the foreman of the construction project too.

8) If Barack Obama was racist he would have called John McCain “that one,” and he would have probably had people at his campaign rallies screaming “Lynch McCain,” at the top of their lungs.

9) If Barack Obama was racist there would be no tea parties. Everyone who showed up for one would be met by the military and shipped to concentration camps in Detroit. Yes, and they would all be forced to work 80hrs a week for the Big three auto makers for free at least up until his term ended which as you know will never end with him being racist and all. Surly you know he would seek to purge the registrations of White voters.

10) If Barack Obama was racist and he hates White people as Glen Beck said. With Obama’s mother being White, and having been raised by his White grand-parents? Surely he would be filled with self-hate enough so for him to have plastic surgery, darken his skin tone, and put a bone in his nose, no?

Look, I never really pay any mind to anything Glen Beck has to say, and it’s not him that I’m worried about. What concerns me are the purple-necks who listen to this crap day in and day out. Yes, I call them purple-necks because well, they’re so pissed that “America’s changing” that even their necks aren’t red anymore. These are the very ideologues that are motivated and influenced by the rhetoric of Mr. Beck enough so to shoot up prominent museums like the Jewish Holocaust Museum was recently. Hell, I live in Memphis TN., and I’d hate to be taking my kids to the National Civil Rights Museum only to have to encounter some racist ass-clown with a gun bent on destroying lives because they don’t care anymore.

But since this is a “teachable moment”, it’s going to be interesting to see what White folks can teach us in relation to what Beck said, as they have with the recent Gates arrest controversy. As for me? I don’t really believe there’s a midget working at Fox with a bag of stupid pills. In this case, I’ll just have to say that Glen Beck is probably a closet alcoholic. Either he was drunk when he said what he said, or he’s just trying to get an invitation to drink beer at the White House. I’m just sayin: surely there are no White people in this country who feels this way about Barack Obama, right?