Well, summer is definitely winding down. They’ve already started showing back to school commercials for the kids this week. I’m kinda sad because it means that I have to take my oldest back up north to her mother’s for school. I probably won’t see her until maybe the middle of the fall when she’s on break. Or maybe even Christmas. Either way, by her living in another state it makes it kinda hard, and in my selfishness, I hate to let her go.I’m guessing she’s ready to go back as well. Not that she didn’t have a great time down here. From all appearances, she’s been having a blast hanging out with her new “step-sister” who’s a year younger than her. The two of them have become quite the pair. The funny thing, is how different or almost opposite they are, and just how well they get along. If only grown women could be like that. But I know she’s ready to go back because she foundout that her best friend died in a car wreck last weekend. Unfortunately for her, she was with me here, and unable to go to the funeral. She’s been staying in ouch with her friends via MySpace so though she’s not at a total loss, I know she’s anxious to get back to her friends.Before she leaves next week, she’s gonna have a pleasant surprise. My mother is flying in from New York, and we thought it would be best to surprise her and not announce her arrival. I can’t wait to see her face when she sees her grandma walk in the door. Like me, she hasn’t seen her grandma (my mom) for a few years. I’m excited because its gonna be her first time here in Memphis, meeting my wife, and subsequently meeting her new grand-daughter who is now almost 9mths old. What can I say, geography is a bitch.I’m hoping to have a good time with my mom here for a couple of weeks. But I’m afraid of any conflicts we may have. You see, we get along fine, but she’s like the super-christian, and I’m not exactly that. Nor am I exactly the lil kid anymore. We often have falling outs when we debate religion and stuff like that on the phone, and I’m not sure if I can even deal with it in person. Shit, she’s even made it clear that we’ll be going to church when she’s here. See how she is? Already coming up in my spot trynna run shit. But its allgood I guess. I’ll be able to eat some of her beloved cooking, West Indian style of course. If she thinks shje can just come up in here without any of that GOOD TRINIDADIAN FOOD from up in Brooklyn she’s a damn lie! I’m kinda worried about not being able to get sum from the wife while she’s here. Hopefully my wife doesn’t pull that shy “we can’t fuck cuz your mom’s in the next room” bullshit on me. If she does, I’ll be really shitty. Oh well, at least I’ll eat a Roti or two, and drink some Mauby while she’s here. Or even some coconut curry chicken and rice like in the dish in the pic above. I wish I could get that type of “island food” down here in Memphis; thank God she’s bringing it with her because geography is a bitch.