Fitness: Scale Wouldn’t Budge. Worked Out Any Damned Way.

I totally dig it, little guy.  I feel you.

I had been busting my ass off this week.  I was eating well, if anything I wasn’t eating enough to make up for the fact that I’d been working out almost twice a day.  On Thursday I woke up and decided to weigh myself to see if I had lost anything.  Yes, I probably shouldn’t be doing this, but that’s another post.

I get on.  I’m super excited!  I am so sure that I’m going to show some serious gains (or losses).  I tap it (we have a digital scale) and then I get on.




And then…

Nothing!  It was the most anti-climactic, horrific thing I could’ve ever imagined.  I was devastated.  I almost started crying.  I just don’t understand how that could’ve happened.  I didn’t freak out and eat burgers.  I was working out and eating well.  So what the frak, man?  I sat on the bed.  I tell my husband and he’s trying to do what any good husband would do, and that is keep me positive.  I love that guy.  Anyway, I sit catatonic.  That little hater was telling me to hang it up.

“You’ve done it now.  See, this is NOT for us.  Just screw this working out crap, and let’s stay home and eat fast food.”

I thought about that for a very long time.  My little hater makes compelling arguments.  Instead, I quietly suited up, turned on my laptop, strapped on my MP3 player and did the cardio crunch routine from (it kicked my ass, but I got some good hits in that battle).  I felt better, stronger, and I honestly forgot about the debacle that was earlier that morning.  My little hater went back into its hole, grumbling and whining… Thwarted!

Sometimes we concentrate on the number on the scale too much, and forget that exercising has benefits.  It’s fun, it’s healthy and it’s just perfect for us.  When I hit play on that workout (I did it twice; one more time when I got home), I felt like this burden just left me and I felt victorious.  I did not give in to the number on the scale.  I had to remember that God is still in control and as long as I persevere this scale will do my bidding.  I can’t give up at the first sight of trouble.  What would be the point?  What am I in this for if I’m not trying to be healthy and take care of me first?  Maybe these little disappointments are what make us workout harder to achieve the results we desire.

The scale WILL budge, just like it did all the other times this crap happened and in one week I lost five pounds.  I just need to keep doing what I have to do to make that happen. 

Note: This was originally posted at my health and fitness blog, I’m sharing it because a great deal of sisters are working out, trying to beat the statistics, but an overwhelming amount of the blogs out there don’t represent us well, if at all. That can be discouraging, so I’ve created my own space.