Father Turns on Oven With His Son Inside

William Hurley. The Minneapolis father who tried to bake his son.

By Timothy Fitz

What kind of monster turns an oven on with their child inside?!!! This kind of behavior goes way beyond that shit that went down with Penny on “Good Times”. This is some Mommy Dearest meets Hitler, type-bullshit!

The monster in question is William Hurley. He is the loving Minneapolis father who punched, burned, whipped, and tried to BAKE his own son. Sounds terrible, huh? Well, the madness doesn’t stop there. When the 10-year-old boy escaped and ran out into the hallway crying, his beloved mother dragged him back into the apartment, so the boy’s father could continue his reign of terror. It looks like this poor kid has absolutely no one to protect him.

Folks, this is how boogie-men like the D.C. Sniper and the Ohio Serial Killer are created. Some baby monsters are created by adult monsters, who try to bake them in ovens and burn them with irons. The psychological damage being done to this child may be irreversible, and society won’t realize the extent of the damage, until the house next door starts to smell like 13 rotting corpses.

Obama needs to add another line to his health care bill, because America needs to do something to stop stupid people from reproducing. This shit is getting way out of pocket! And since I’m a thinker, I‘ve come up with a solution: When every American reaches puberty, they, along with their parents, will be tested for mental deficiencies, low IQs, possible traces of mental illness, and crack and meth usage. If any of these markers are discovered, they will be carted off to a dark, white room with no windows; strapped to a cold metal table and sterilized – by any means necessary!