Dr. Laura Shlessinger quits radio – “special interest people” (read: n*ggers) blamed

So I told you what was wrong with Dr. Laura and other melanin challenged folks who think like her the other day. Yes, I’m still of the belief that she needs to embrace her inner cracker. Don’t run from it; embrace it.

You know RiPPa’s down for anything meant to improve racial harmony, and promote feelings of post-racial Utopian Kumbaya, right? But unfortunately, you guys are the only ones who listen to me. Yep, nobody wants to listen to the ex-racism-chasing expert as he eulogizes the pre-post racial days long gone bye.

Some of you just won’t let it go just like Dr. Laura Shlessinger.

Yep, even Dr. Laura – who could have learned a thing or two from my last post – isn’t quite willing to let go of the old and embrace the new. Instead of digging deep down inside in the wake of her now infamous on-air “nigger moment”, and embracing her inner cracker-ass-cracker, she decides to quit talk radio.

Please watch/listen to this bullshit:

You know Frank Leahy once said: “Egotism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity.” Well you know, after watching and listening to her on Larry King last night, I gotta say, she is one egotistically stupid bitch!

I dunno about you, but I thought her shtick on Larry King was more insulting than her original rant. Obviously this prune-faced-looking-heffa still doesn’t see that what she said on the friggin radio was wrong!

Hello? Earth to dumb bitch…? Come in, dumb bitch!

My wife was right when she told me after reading her half-ass apology that this woman doesn’t give a damn as are most idiots once exposed. Yep, and I suppose “special interest groups” is the new code word for nigger.

If she really cared and was truly repentant, she would have bowed out gracefully. But obviously she has a negro chip on her shoulder and she feels the need to play the victim even better than black people do.

You know how you nigg… oops, black folks do, right?

But seriously, wanna know what I think? I think the good doctor is lying. She ain’t quitting radio; she got fired. But to save face her silly ass was sitting up there talking about her decision to not renew her contract.

Chile please!

They fired your dumbass because you should have known better… period! Miss me with that “regain my first amendment rights,” garbage, Laura Shitslinger; your Conservative Jedi Mind Trick didn’t work with me.

In typical racist white-folks-think, she did no wrong; and this was truly about free speech. Yep, and all because you hypersensitive special-interest-group people can’t take a joke. It’s a wonder she didn’t blame Obama for this or suggest that the black woman who called her show was a plant.