Don’t Look Now, But Not Only is Barack Obama a Socialist, He’s Also a Pedophile

What’s that thing they say about throwing stones when you live in a glass house, again? Yeah, so the above pic has been circulating and creating a buzz on the internet. I first saw it on Twitter last night and I planned to write a post on it from a completely different angle than I am doing right now. I wanted to originally write about how we would react if Barack Obama ever cheated on his wife since cheating is the hot topic this week. Ain’t that a bitch? On a week like this, Obama manages to get caught on tape peeking at some booty while on the job at the G-8 Summit. Now, to me, I say it’s just innocent but perception can prove to be very important. He may not have even been looking at the chick; some lucky photographer may have just gotten one of those lucky shots. Call it one of those Da Vincci moments I guess. I mean is the Mona Lisa really smiling when you look at the painting?

The thing that gets me today is that right wing ass-clowns are using this pic for political commentary, and taking shots at Liberals. These chowderheads are now running around suggesting that Barack Obama is a pedophile. Yes they are, because somehow someway, it’s said that the girl in the picture was 16yrs old. Now mind you, in the picture to the left of Obama is French president Nicolas Sarkozy, but hey, he must not be a pedophile like Barack. They say nothing about him so I’m guessing there are no laws in France to protect minors from sexual deviants the likes of Elvis Presley and his cousin Jerry Lee Lewis. Those French people I tell ya.Image Hosted by

Instead, it’s all about Obama. Of course you know that is to be expected since he’s Black right? Yeah, that has to be his Black side because White guys just don’t do stuff like that. Instead White guys say they love the Lord, Pastor mega-churches, endorse republican candidates, do meth, and have sex with boys. Yeah, White guys instead work on Capitol Hill and sexually harass their male Paige who works for them. Yeah, they do a whole bunch of other stuff – too much to even mention on this one post – while preaching to the rest of us about family values and stuff like that. Lemme see, I think there’s a word for all of that type of behavior, what’s it called? Oh yeah I think it’s called hypocrisy Republican?

But anyway, let’s forget about those White guys I mentioned above. What if Barack Obama did cheat on his wife while in office? What if like our first Black president Bill Clinton, he too was embattled in scandal or an alleged affair with a staffer. How would you deal with that? Would he be any different than the White guys already mentioned? Of course not, he would be just like them, but belong to a different party. Even so, I can’t help but to think that he would feel the full brunt of hate and be the subject of salacious commentary if the woman in question was White. Would the Black community still give him their undying love just like they did our first Black president when he did what he did? We already know what White America would have to say, but what would Black America do or say about that? Would it make a difference the race of the other woman to the Black America? These are questions I hope you’ll make an attempt to answer.Image Hosted by

Let’s get back to this pedophile thing. Assuming that he did in fact take a second look at that 16yr old girl in the picture above; assuming that she is in fact 16yrs old. Could it not be because maybe he was shocked at what she was wearing? I know I’ve given several teenage girls the second look many times just out of shock for the stuff they’re wearing. Does that too make me a pedophile? Nope, it makes me a shocked adult male who happens to police the stuff my teenage daughters wear. But don’t tell that to the blowhards on the right because they corner the market on family values, hypocrisy and stuff like that.

But hey, I don’t know what I’m talking about. That plus the people who produced this next video are full of shit. Yes Barack Obama is a pedophile, and that’s the truth of the whole matter; it has to be if it’s coming from Republicans, right?