Don’t Let The Door Hit Rush Limbaugh’s Fat Ass on His Way Out!

You know what would make my lifetime, aside from seeing my kids graduate, get married and live a happy, productive, life? Seeing Rush Limbaugh pack up his shit, drama and venom included, and just bounce out.

Now, I am distressed because Costa Rica is Panama’s neighbor to the north, and that’s too close for comfort. I don’t want him any closer to my family than necessary. I would KINDLY pay for his one-way ticket to the northernmost area of the North Pole.

I also spotted this featured comment over at ThinkProgress:

Public Health Care – Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS)
The Costa Rican healthcare system is rated very highly on an international level, and the country’s citizens enjoy the health and life expectancy equal to that of more developed nations. These accolades come courtesy of strong, universal health insurance and excellent public and private hospitals.

Costa Rica’s public health insurance system, commonly known as the Caja, is available country-wide to all citizens and legal residents. There are ten major public hospitals – four in San Jose, including the Children’s Hospital – affiliated with the Caja. For non-emergencies and everyday medical care, small clinics, known as EBAIS (pronounced ay-vy-ice), are located in almost every community.

What I find absolutely mind-boggling about venomous, hypocritical snakes like Limbaugh (and the Queen of Idiotic Mouth Breathers Sarah Palin) is how they so casually spout of said hypocrisy and go unchecked by the droves of morons who follow them and take their words to heart.

Even if Rush Limbaugh did NOT know about Costa Rica’s health care system, I find it insulting that he’s talking about going to a country he knows NOTHING about (because EVERYONE just wants to have shitty health care like in U.S.A), but saw fit to make assumptions about.

I know Costa Ricans enough to know that Limbaugh is not welcome there. With that said, I’d rather they beat his ass and throw him in the jungle handle him, than us.

Matter of fact, sign me up to be his stewardess. I’m giving that little viper everything he needs on his flight to nowhere.

Here’s to hoping the bill passes.