The DC Sniper: Didn’t take them long to kill this Negro

So Black people, who are we hatin’ on this week? You people need to keep me up to date with that. Y’all still mad at Tyler Perry? The movie “Precious” is only showing on five screens so I know y’all ain’t hatin’ on him too bad. Is the whole “Good Hair” vs. “Bad Hair” thing still goin’ on? Or wait, have y’all started talkin’ shit about Jamie Foxx and Martin Lawrence making Black people look bad as they come out with that “Wanda” and “Shenene” movie? Please somebody tell me because it’s been hard to keep up around here. Oh well, not even I can escape the haterism that befuddles us melanin afflicted peoples in North America. So since nobody is talkin’ about this one I’ll weigh in for a bit. I know, it’s probably hypocritical of me, but yet people wonder why we struggle with Black on Black crime n’ shit. Hell, Tyler Perry ain’t gave no n*gger no gun.

Speaking of guns n’ shit. Is it me or they was madd quick to execute the DC Sniper dude John Muhammad, or what? Wasn’t it just last February they found him and that lil’ dude sleeping in the car in DC at the Barack Obama inauguration? Damn they moved quick on this Negro. Which I’m kinda conflicted about because I’m not down with the death penalty. But then again, this fool had Negroes hanging their heads in shame for about a month when we found out he was Black. Which is kinda messed up because the minute we heard the muthafucka called the police asking for $1 million to stop picking folks off at the gas pump, we should’ve known then that he was Black – ex-military crazy white dudes don’t ever ask for money, but a Negro will. Yep, give a n*gga some money and he’ll do whatever you ask.

Nationally, it takes on average 153 months – almost 13 years – between sentencing and execution for death-row inmates, according to 2007 data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics. 

The Supreme Court noted the accelerated pace of Muhammad’s execution in its decision Monday not to hear his case or delay his execution. 

“By denying Muhammad’s stay application, we have allowed Virginia to truncate our deliberative process on a matter – involving a death row inmate – that demands the most careful attention,” Justice John Paul Stevens wrote in a statement explaining the court’s rejection of the Muhammad appeal. “This result is particularly unfortunate in light of the limited time Muhammad was given to make his case in the District Court.” 

Death-penalty expert Michael Radelet, a professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder, agrees that Muhammad’s case is “quicker than most cases.”- (Source)
 I’m against the death penalty, and having said that, I’m a bit bothered right now. How come nobody is coming from all over the country protesting the execution of the DC Sniper n*gga (you know that’s what “they” call him, right?) like they did for Tookie Williams in California a several years ago? I mean seems like if you’re against the death penalty you won’t miss an opportunity and use it for political expediency to advance your cause. I mean this n*gga didn’t write any children books or nuthin (shit, he didn’t have enough time to even do that!), but hell he served his country in the military unlike Tookie Williams who did nuthin but serve mayhem in the hood. Shouldn’t that count for something?

What? Does he need to be shouted out on a rap song by Snoop Dogg before people get involved in his fight to stay alive? Not that I’m sayin they should give his ass a Swine Flu shot instead of whatever that other deadly shit they put in those lethal injections. I’m just sayin that I’m a lil’ bit conflicted about this whole thing. I get the feeling that “certain people” are staying away from this one because, well, he killed a few white folks. Then there’s that whole Muslim thing too, and that would probably explain just how fast he got to the front of the death chamber line. Shit, they’d probably execute Malik Hassan 20 minutes after he’s found guilty for what he did at Ft. Hood!  Had John Muhammed killed nothing but Black people he might have lived on death row for decades. All in all, I think a lot of people are pretty happy that he’s getting what he had coming to him. In the eyes of many justice is served I guess. Somehow I’m a bit bothered that it happened as quickly as it did.

I bet that DMX look-a-like rapist in Cleveland sits on death row for 20yrs…

 He raped and killed poor Black women…

that should buy him some time…

Oh well, as Dave Chappelle would say…

peace n*gger