Do White People Stink?

by Joanna
It is amazing to me that white folks, when confronted with blatant examples of racist words and deeds will go above and beyond to prove that racism simply no longer exists. Or it only exists among certain fringe groups of white people. Or, only in certain parts of the country. It is very rare to hear a white person admit culpability in perpetuating racism in overt or subtle ways.

When a white woman goes on a racist rant about Asians in her college library, people are quick to jump to her defense, claiming that she is not racist, that she was just making an observation that would be perfectly acceptable if not for the ‘PC Police’. When a white politician says that Mexican immigrants should be shot down like feral hogs, it is written off as an innocuous joke. And when a TV psychologist spews the N-word eleven times when communicating with a Black caller, she is given a pass because ‘Black people say it all the time’.

Nonwhite people are told constantly that racism is no longer an issue, that they are just ‘being too sensitive’. A white person who dares to stand up and admit that racism is still a huge problem among white people in this country, and in fact, in this world, they are told that they obviously hate themselves, and are ‘racist against their own kind’. I mean, how dare people recognize any sort of flaws in white folks! And, don’t even think about making jokes at the expense of white people. The idea to ‘suck it up and laugh’ only applies if the joke is made at the expense of nonwhite people, after all.

Which is why I must confess, I was laughing my ass off this weekend when ‘white people stink’ was a trending topic on twitter. I mean, oh my God, I have never seen white folks complaining about racism so much in my entire life! In fact,the only reason that ‘white people stink’ was trending as long as it was is because of all of the white folks who were up in arms about how racist Black people are for starting such a ‘blatantly racist’ trending topic. (Somehow, it is always Black people who are blamed, as if they are the only people in the world who have reason to dislike whites)  Never mind the fact that every other day there is some topic relating to the perceived flaws in other races of people floating around on the social networking site. And let’s completely ignore the fact that any time a story is published on the internet involving nonwhite people, racist vitriol is sprinkled  liberally throughout the comments sections. ‘Racism’ only counts if white people are the victims!

I really feel for my fellow white people. I mean, really, we can’t get a break in this country can we? Really, how unfair is it that white people now have to compete for jobs and educational opportunities with nonwhite people? Let’s bring back the ‘good old days’ when nonwhite people ‘knew their places’! And, as poor down trodden white people, we have the unfortunate responsibility of having to figure out what to do with the higher incomes we earn! That is hard work! And, we also have the burden of having to determine how best to take advantage of the numerous networking opportunities offered to us as white people and what to do with those pesky assets handed down to us from previous generations! It is hard being a white person in this nation, for real!

According to the twitterverse, it is obvious that white folks are the real victims of racism! White people stink?? How dare they! Don’t those pesky nonwhite people realize that white folks are untouchable?? Kill an unarmed Black man while he is handcuffed and face down on a subway platform and you are just ‘doing your job’… but say ‘white people stink’ on a social networking site, and you are the worst sort of racist! I don’t know about you, but that makes perfect (non)sense to me!