Did You Miss Me? Well, I’m Back

by Eco.Soul.Intellectual

Please forgive my month-long absence. Life happened and I had to fall in it. I got married and I passed my comprehensive exams to finish the last portion of my PhD. And I am playing the wonderful game of catch up. You know, catch up on bills, school, work and sleep.

Yes, I’s married now. Yup, that’s me about to bawl outta my mind!

I know I’ve missed all the tantalizing, wonderful messes and miracles that have been going on these past 30-plus days, but other bloggers have explored them in such elegance. But still, let me add my 37 cents…

It is very perplexing that the China-backed North Korea can fire missiles up South Korea’s arse, and get off with gentle slaps on the wrists and proclamations of “further investigations” to quell the global outcry for world forces stop a pending war.

The especially mum United States has turned the other cheek, and I don’t mean the facial cheeks. Due to its clenched buttocks bent down in the direction of China, the US is experiencing a “pimps up, hoes down” moment because China has the US monetary system, thus the economy by the balls and ass.

Oh and don’t forget the current trials regarding the manipulation of gold markets. Or the refusal of trading in US dollars in the East. Long story, another blog on another day.

Kim Jong Il

BTW, you would think that China would send over a good hair piece for the North Korean (former) head-of-state, Kim Jong Il. Doesn’t China and Korea have weaves, wigs, Yaki #9 and shit like that on lock?

Goddamn dude, my hubby will hook you up with a proper consultation, hairpiece and cut in. Have you looking normal to balance the insanity you can kick some of the times.

But is he insane? Okay, well um, banning one of your son’s for sneaking into Japan’s Disneyland with his kids is understandable. Mickey Mouse does carry the intoxicating promise of democracy and hope in its ears…right after they exploit the shit out of Snow White, Minnie Mouse and Goofy.

Flip Flops that were made and China. Yuck!

So let’s talk about the new super power, China. Yup, I said it. I am a firm believer of shaming the devil by speaking the truth. When someone controls your money, you are their bitch, ho, and puppet. Welcome to America my friends. Land of God-damn-hypocrisy.

If you are going to allow a communist country dictate your money. If you allow folk to purchase cheaply produced “Made in China” at Walmart, Target, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom (oh sorry, they have Made in Guatemala on its tags) you would think that the US would recruit the thousands of proficient, world-recognized Cuban doctors and medical school instructors to help resolve this shortage of medical practitioners.

Did you know in some areas of Mississippi, there is only one gynecologists for low-wealth areas that include whites, blacks and Latinos? Huhn?

Oooooo, communism, how scareeey. Have you seen someone dying from complications due to AIDS, or cancer, or being profiled by Compton Sheriffs? Now that shit gives me hives.

Typical Tea Party bonding.

Is is just me, or are am I tripping about how much exposure the tea baggers received? Yet other movements and arguments in the discourse of American politics still get heavily silenced.

Speaking of tea baggers, I now know immediate familial practices of incest, bestiality, lynching, self-mutilation (for negroid tea baggers), or some from of white trash-ism is required.

And what’s up with Palin-mania? Baby mama Bristol and Sarah have a new scheme, reality television. And guess what, it fits with the high illiteracy rate in the Tea Party. What can a sister do? Barack and his damn fancy language is now making people use dictionaries. Shesh!

However, I will be just as ignorant if I state that tea bagging is a “white thing.” It is indeed steeped in white flesh-ism, but of course you need darker flesh to advocate and validate the bullshit.

Doing massa’s bidding is hard work. So the children must also labor like young Bubba and his Missy.

Take Negress and her son in the photo. Ahhh, they are reincarnations of what Harriet Tubman would consider slaves who thought they were not enslaved. Yes Harriet, let’s leave their asses on the mental plantation happily doing the bidding of folk who would never eat shit in their house, let alone drive through their neighborhood because they are getting massages in Bora Bora and getting sucked off in fabulous Vegas rooms.

But I can’t front, the Tea Party have effectively worked on the ignorant, pissed and poor white trash. They almost had me convinced to give up my union and fight for the removal of universal health care. Just joking.

Before I leave, let me talk about one more international piece that is getting little to no attention. Well, the coverage is very skewed.

The cholera outbreak in Haiti was another man made disaster. Nope, it was not caused by dirty Haitians. No it was not caused by dead bodies, though only 2% of Haiti’s earthquake rubble was in the water. It was due to “Peace Keeping” Military from Nepal dumping their shit in the river waters in the countryside. Well, I guess that is a little better from the Pakistani and Bangladesh soldiers raping the women and girls on a daily basis.

Oh brother. I’m glad I’m back to writing. So much to say…