Did You Know Clinical Depression Can Make You Racist? Professor Mark Wattier of Murray State Says it Does, & Resigns

Arlene Johnson

by Joanna (JuJuBe)

Did you hear the news? Depression is now an excuse for being a racist pig! Who woulda thunk it?? I mean damn, I know depression brings out the inner bitch in me, but it has never turned me into a rabid racist! Yup, clinical depression is the excuse Murray State University Professor Mark Wattier is using for the racist remarks he made to student Arlene Johnson last semester.

Freshman Arlene Johnson said even though she was early for professor Mark Wattier’s class last semester, a film was already playing and class was well under way.She asked him why. His alleged answer?

“I always start my films 10 to 15 minutes before class,” Johnson says.

Johnson said that was not in the syllabus, so she was not aware.She said it was what Wattier said next that astounded her.

“Then he said, ‘That’s okay. I’d expect it from you guys.”

She asked what he meant by that. He allegedly said “Slaves never showed up on time for their owners and were often lashed for it. I just don’t have that right.”

Johnson said she couldn’t get that statement out of her head.

“After that, I felt really unwelcomed for a while,” she said.

So she filed a complaint with the university, a complaint that led to Wattier’s suspension without pay and benefits this semester.Wattier has fired back, appealing his suspension and saying the university violated due process, He included a letter from his doctor stating he met the criteria for depression, including contemplating his own death.

Arlene said she doesn’t know exactly what was going on inside of her professor that day. She just wishes he would have kept it to himself. She said she wants an apology from the professor in person. Source

Ok, I have got a question…. is this Professor claiming he made the racist remarks due to his depression, or is he simply depressed because he doesn’t “have that right” to lash his Black student for being ON TIME to class??

Mark Wattier

I mean I really feel for this man. I know how debilitating depression can become when you realize that your white skin does not give you a free pass to make whatever bigoted ass comments you want to make! I mean, really, what is this world coming to? Black people have rights now?? What comes next?? It is enough to make a poor, downtrodden white professor contemplate suicide, ain’t it?!

Now, originally, the professor tried to appeal his suspension. He had his doctor write a note saying that he was just SO DAMN DEPRESSED that it made him lash out and transform into a racist pig. He tried to claim that the university had deprived him of due process. Some crap about how the Board of Regents had not approved the suspension, which they are apparently required to do for a suspension lasting more than 30 days.

But, the professor has now seen the light. Apparently he has come to the glaringly obvious conclusion that his actions were FUCKED UP, and has decided to apologize to the students he offended, and retire. About damn time. Here’s to hoping his “depression” doesn’t get his ass kicked in the real world; or maybe it should.