Democracy in Action: Baltimore Protest Calls for Economic Justice

Because democracy isn’t a spectator sport, and because some of youse Negroes just don’t get it. Allow me to present to you a few folks who do actually get it, who are making demands of their electorate. You know, the same democratic tradition which has long existed in this country? Well, for me it’s good to see people – especially people of color – rise up and let their voices be heard. After all, many of our ancestors died for the right to vote as we’re always reminded.

However, voting or casting a ballot, though important and very significant, is only the first step in affecting change since democracy is what happens between elections. And just in case you forgot, people in several urban centers while catching hell are being further victiomized (see Baltimore foreclosures here) and marginalized by proposed budget cuts, while wealthy corporations play with our money, as handed out by the government via tax loopholes:

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