Debt Collector Hassles Woman on Facebook – Lawsuit Pending

Look, I luh’ me some social networking sites; yeah… Facebook, Twitter, or even the freaky chicks site Tagged makes me happy. OK, forget Tagged; I’on even mess with that shit anymore. But anyway, the one benefit about social network sites for me, is that I never allow my “real life” and my “innanet life” to intersect.

That’s why I laugh when I see “net drama” on these sites. I mean why the f@%k would you be on the internet arguing and fighting with you man’s ex-baby muva that he slept with last night when you can do that shit in the streets and get your weave pulled out and become a YouTube innanet star?
Nah yo, I refuse to let “life” interrupt my virtual f@%kery. Speaking of which, checkout what happened to Melanie Beacham who was hassled and harassed by a bill collector on Facebook recently. Melanie has a lawsuit pending against the company, so do check this out and tell me if she has a case:

Now I’ve heard of, and personally know of people who refuse to use sites like Facebook. These are people who are hiding from the child support man just might lose their jobs should their employer, or potential employers (other than the strip club owner) see the things they say about them behind their backs. But damn, having to worry about a bill collecter hassling me on Facebook?

Contacting my family and friends about my past due car note? Shit, I already gotta worry about other dudes “poking” me on Facebook; now I gotta worry about bill collectors sending me Farmville invites? Oh well, at least we know Osama Bin Laden ain’t on Facebook. It’s a damn shame ain’t no privacy.