Darkness, Deception, & Discretion

[Editor’s Note: The following comes from a long time reader and friend. My man, Sayntj has served to be the voice of reason (at least for me) when it comes to any issue. Give a warm welcome and do visit his site.]

As a fiscal conservative with a social doctrine of never allow harm to my fellow man, there is a message that isn’t being spoken about. Many people share the opinion I have right now…I am afraid. Fear and hate is winning and we need to come together to defeat it.

Killers are our neighbors, our friends, and our family. The victims are the exact same people. Our anger has allowed our culture to devolve into where we are now the knife and the wound. We must stop the madness. Or there will be nothing left of our society but madness itself.

This climate of politics, religion, and society as a whole is so damn emotionally hate filled.  Every “pro” movement that I see is in fact, anti-something. Not just anti in a way that they are against the beliefs of others, but in fact against many peoples way of life, their very right to exist. All the while many platforms have become so opposed of the “others” that there should be no surprise that we now have a Congresswoman in a coma and a child born on 9/11 has been killed?

Christians aren’t pro-Christian, but pro-anti-gay, choice, government, gun control, and love. The entire agenda is ten percent love and ninety percent fear, hate, and loathing. How can one claim to love God but hate and fear his fellow man? But isn’t that how many of us are now? Exclusionary, divisive, hypocritical, and unable to communicate with anyone that disagrees with us. It’s no longer rhetoric that the media is trying to use for ratings. It’s now how your public servants communicate with you. It’s an “us vs. them” while we have no idea who is them or who we are. We just know what we don’t like…each other. How can deductive unreasoning keep a country together when…the libs are evil…the cons are crazy (well they are).

The back and forth theme of the two political parties is the death of the victims in Arizona is the other guys fault. The media while reporting the “facts” have yet to make or attempt to create sense of what has transpired. Many on the right are calling this kid of just twenty-two a leftist, Mein Kampf reading, commie. The left are asking for Palin, a celebrity that only seeks a self-serving career, to admit her hand in the Tea Party’s two years of hate.

Well the results trump any opinions…this time someone came armed. There’s no way around it, we are in the age of hate and fear. Yesterday, fear and hate won. As of yet there isn’t a clear reason for why this happened. We can try and apply theories and opinions all we want, but make no mistake his agenda was NOT pro-anything…except fear.

You see that is the problem with the current agendas…there isn’t one…just hate and fear.

The deception is that we know what’s going on. Do we truly know what is going on in the mind of a young man that three years ago was considered a liberal by his friends?
Or does that even matter? Do we need to know what drove him to do that in order to say that the hate and fear needs to stop? If not, we just got prepared for more killing. That’s right MORE KILLING! We are now fear and hate filled Americans that believes “Happiness is a warm gun” and bullets are political positions.

Can the right excuse their threats if Sarah Palin is next, or worse one of her kids?  Can the left survive an Obama assassination, or worse his kids?

If you think what I say is far-fetched…walk in the shoes of the parents and grandparents of nine year old Christina-Taylor Green.

Now for some good old fashioned discretion…the quality of having or showing discernment or good judgment…

I haven’t seen a pistol packing libs running around saying “this time we came unarmed”. I didn’t see after Bush v. Gore a lefty shooting any congressman. So before anyone wants to say that the left said this or said that, remember the left didn’t call Dr. Tiller a baby killer, then kill him. The left called Bush a war criminal and then mocked him. See the difference! See the damn difference! The left does a documentary, the right becomes one!    The left might write a blog, the right a letter explaining why they killed someone or ask for someone to “reload”. The left protests, the right threatens, intimidates, and calls it a protest.

There is a difference…I can see it…we all saw it this weekend.

Because if you threaten a public servant and they get killed…no one is politicizing a tragedy…they are calling for the humanization of our existence, based on a tragedy that you need to be held accountable on…they are asking you to stop the fire that you started. Because whether you like it or not…you are us…we are you. There is one country. Not two parties, or several religions, or many lifestyles. We are in this together.

Divide us and we will perish. Aren’t we proving that already?

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