Dammit Michael Jackson! Why did you have to die? Because of you, White folks are now experts on Blackness. They talkin ’bout you Mike.

Listen, it’s commonplace within the Black community to have one’s “Blackness” questioned or challenged by another Black person; yes, this is something we all know too well. However, when all of a sudden White folks are the experts and have the final say as to just how “Black” I, or any other person of color may be, it’s a f*ckin tragedy. Yes it’s a tragedy because it suggests that we as Black people no longer own ourselves, our culture or identity.

It’s a damn shame that I gotta check with a person in the dominant culture as to quantify, and qualify my level of Blackness for approval. I don’t know, but I get the sense that there are “certain people” who are insulted by the outpouring of love for Michael Jackson. Given who this man was, this is unbelievable to me. No wonder Little Richard pitches a bitch and is always talking about what he is owed.

The funny thing about this is that “certain people” are quick to embrace the sellouts misguided Negroes within our collective. When they do, they often chastise people like me who recognize these sellouts misguided Negroes for what they are. These “certain people” secretly wish that more of us were like these sellouts misguided Negroes. But yet they are now “experts” and are dauntless is questioning the “Blackness” of Michael Jackson?

Lets take a look shall we?

Frankly, I don’t see a problem with what Diddy or Jamie Foxx said. But don’t tell that to the sellout misguided Negro in the clip above. Oh, and just in case he looks familiar? That’s the same clown who got on his knees and begged John McCain to take it to Barack Obama in the debates last year. Remember that? Yeah, it was not one of the best moments for Black America. Obviously he doesn’t get it, and it’s Negroes like him who make “certain people” comfortable to determine just what being Black is or isn’t.

But hey, I’m not the expert on Blackness or racism because, well, I’m not White:

Now, I’ll go ahead and say that I agree with O’Reilly when he spoke about how the media tore him down, and they are now exploiting his death for ratings. Yes, and that’s where I stop as far as agreeing with him. But hey, isn’t he not doing the very same thing? Is he not pulling the race card himself by suggesting that Michael Jackson is not Black? I swear I wanted to chop him in the throat when I first heard what he said. I mean, applying his “logic”, I guess Madonna and Angelina Jolie aren’t White anymore because they’ve adopted Black kids, right?

Do you see how foolish this is? Yeah you, silly Negro, I’m talking to you. I am because you co-sign with this ridiculous and obvious display of racism as it relates to one of the greatest Black icons ever. You’re doing just what I expect “certain people” to do; hell they’ve been doing it for over 400yrs now, no? Of course they have; and that’s the reason they are masters of this. They’ve run this play in the media time and time again and everybody has bought into it.

I didn’t like it then when it was O.J. Simpson and folks were quick to label him a murderer even after he was acquitted. It’s the same thing with Michael Jackson today even in his death. You have people quick to label him a pedophile like Congressman Peter King suggested. And you have people like Bill O’Reilly who echo those sentiments as well as suggest that Michael Jackson was a White man. But you know what? It’s the people of color who hurt me the most when they become vehicles for the ideology of White Supremacy. The sad thing about it, is that they’re too stupid to even realize it.

Here are a few parting words; put this in your pipe and smoke it: