Contrary to popular belief, Glenn Beck actually loves and adores Black people

After calling the president racist on national television, and recently reducing his daughter’s intelligence to that of the typical short bus rider. One can close that Glenn Beck doesn’t like black people. That is, unless they self-identify as, well, American and not African-American; and, appear on his show beating the drum of conservatism as they let it be known that Kunta Kinte was himself, a Republican. But no, there’s no way Beck doesn’t like black people. If he did, would he have gone out of his way to challenge the very history of America?

A history which up until his show the other night never embraced the African-American narrative of black folks being heroes, and freedom loving patriots who helped shape this great nation? See, I usually give Glenn hell on this site from time to time; but, this time around, I must give him as we say in the streets, some “dap”. Don’t worry white reader, “dap” isn’t a violent act nor anything even close to a Haitian voodoo curse brought over from Africa as taught to the captain on the slave ship by his cargo.

After watching the clip above, I’ll go even further and suggest that we do away with Black History Month. Who needs the same tired historical accounts of African-American achievement? Achievement which only serves to stir up antipathy towards the Africans who sold us into slavery. Surely there’s nothing prideful about some guy being forced to invent a traffic light here in America, when the only option other than, was to be hanging from somebody’s Oak tree somewhere in the Compton section of West Africa.

But see, that’s black folks for you; they forever play the victim card. The truth is, just as Beck points out above, that there are hundreds of thousands of untold stories of Black Republicans who made more significant contributions to the American tapestry. Black Republicans who have been egregiously depicted in paintings as “cowering” behind the white people whom they willingly served.

Yes, the Black Republican. These are the heroes that will never be acknowledged across this great land this weekend as we fire up BBQ grills in memory of the many fallen soldiers who gave their lives for nothing other than freedom, and democracy. It’s good to know that great men like Glenn Beck are not afraid to challenge the efforts of the “liberal media” in their attempts to keep us blindfolded as we’re all lead to slaughter, like the sheep that we are.

H/T We Are Respectable Negroes