The Cipher: A conversation with a Revolutionary Black thinker

Today on the Intersection of Madness & Reality we have one of the most revered thinkers in the struggle for justice and equality (pictured above), Brother X-Squared; president of the North American Chapter of the Renewed Black Panther Party. I had the pleasure of coming to know X-Squared from the good folks at WARNN (We Are Respectable Negroes News Network) at the blog We Are Respectable Negroes. If you haven’t had the opportunity to at least checkout or frequent their blog, you’re truly missing out. Seriously, do yourself a favor and add their blog to your daily reading because they’re stamped and RiPPa approved. Recently I had the privilege of chopping it up with the brother and the following is an exclusive transcript of our conversation

RiPPa: Welcome Brother X-Squared.

Brother X-Squared: It is a pleasure to finally have the opportunity to speak with you Brother Rippa. Your name is an inspiration. It signals strength, power, dignity, and honor. I know from your works–’cause I monitor the white man’s Internets in an effort to sabotage the white man’s efforts to use tricknology to manipulate the mental mindstates of the captive Black African, especially the bastion of evil Youtube where you can see all manner of black foolishness–that you too are a warrior in the struggle against white supremacy. Your name also has many levels of meaning Brother Rippa. Do you understand that your name also is a dualism? A polyhedron of knowledge that resonates throughout the multiverse?

RiPPa: Not sure if my name is Swahili for anything, or even what a polyhedron is all about, but I’d appreciate if you could expand on that for me my brother.

Brother X-Squared: Rippa is a name that makes sense. It embodies energy. It speaks truth. Obviously, you shed your slave name in order to rename yourself as a strong, righteous, black man. You see, Brother Rippa you are not one of these baby boy, little girl sissy men who was named by a an illegitimate, ghetto underclass, confused, cum dumpster implement of the white man’s evil like that sad negress in that damned to hell movie Precious. Rippa exudes dignity and intelligence unlike those Shaquan’s, Latrelle’s, Tyrone’s, and those other names common to the NBA—Nigger Ball Association–that signal from birth that you are destined for the white man’s prison. Human fodder for his prison industrial complex.

RiPPa: Well that puts a lot of pressure on me now that I know this. Which is actually scary when I think of it Brother X. Next thing you know I’ll be on the FBI watch-list like those brothers in Dearborn Michigan. Of course you heard what happened to them the other day didn’t you?

Brother X-Squared: I heard of those pigs killing my fellow revolutionary. Do you know how many men died in the battle of the Somme in 1915?

RiPPa: Not exactly but I’m sure there were many.

Brother X-Squared: Almost 1 million of those white devils died. And that number is nothing compared to how many of our brothers have been killed by the white man’s slave catchers and enforcers of his white supremacist racial state. That martyr won’t be the last…no way, there will be many many more. You asked me about fear? About being afraid?

RiPPa: Yes I did; isn’t it natural for a man like you, a Black man in America to ever be fearful? Surely you must be, right?

Brother X-Squared: You clearly don’t know who I am Brother Rippa I am disappointed. I have never shown fear. The only being I fear is the almighty Black God, the creator of the universe. Death is a comfort to me Brother Rippa. You see, I am a modern day samurai. I am their heir in action. The samurai were the greatest warriors the world has ever seen because they welcomed death, they went into battle as dead men looking to earn back their lives. Just like those strong Nubian warriors the Jem’hadar in those white space movies Star Trek, victory is life for all true revolutionaries. I welcome battle with the white man and his death squads. But, I know they won’t come for me because I am too strong, too black, and too powerful. They understand that Brother X-Squared is too educated to fall for their nonsense and trickery. I use their own Constitution and Bill of Rights against them. I keep a copy of it in my pocket as a reminder of their wickedness. Those sacred documents have also given the Black man a tool to use against those white tricksters and forked tongue devils. I slay him–just like you do Brother Rippa–with his own laws and principles.


RiPPa: Wow, brothers in outer space – never gave it any thought. Sorry about that brother, I hope I didn’t offend you in any way. But anyway; usually “conscious” or “enlightened” Black men such as you often come to this point in their lives through incarceration, is this true for you as well? And what are your thoughts on the vaccination of prisoners before “law abiding” citizens?

Brother X-Squared: Apology accepted. To know when one is wrong and to change one’s course of action is the path of the enlightened new Black Man. For adhering to those tenets you are to be praised. Again, the media is controlled by the White Man. Notice–I capitalized his name to emphasize how powerful the white man’s media is. In a democracy the media is supposed to serve a watchdog function, it is the fourth estate as those European sissy feminine white intellectuals called it in the 18th century, that should be holding the Man to the fire and giving the people knowledge. Now, it is all corporate. Like Noam Chomsky said–a decent white man–this is about manufacturing consent, about making the people malleable and feeding them lies. People who believe that only strong, smart, dedicated revolutionaries come from being inside of the white man’s prisons, his rape houses where black men are turned into women and slaves, are victims of the mass media. So no prison for me Brother Rippa. I have been, will continue to be, and am always a revolutionary. I am the question and the answer. There is only Brother X-Squared.

RiPPa: Now that’s interesting considering that most brothers today do not reach the level of consciousness such as yourself without having done some time in prison.

Brother X-Squared: As for this inoculating prisoners. This is right out of white supremacy and capitalism 101. You all need to read more Marx, Gramsci, Foucalt, and those others thinkers on this issue of power, the body, and labor. You see slavery wasn’t just about racism. Oh no, this was about getting the black man’s labor. We are the strongest men in the world and we are worth more than our weight in gold. Those little Indians in Latin America had this white catholic priest devil–you do know that Catholicism is a foul white religion, a mixture of crazy Druid and Nature worshipping and magic with Christianity Brother Rippa? That is why their popes and priests dress like they are conducting a magic ceremony, all that talk of turning blood into wine! Nothing but magic–back to my original point, that devil who saved the Indians was named Bartoleme de las Casas. This devil argued that the Indians were too weak to be slaves and that the Black Gods from Africa should be brought to what they called “The New World”  to work forever. This relationship has continued for centuries.

From slavery to freedom the Black man has been cheap labor. Now, and this is so deep Brother so listen carefully, the prisons are being used as labor camps. When you call United Airlines, or when you order from certain catalogs, that is going right to the jail. In California–that land stolen from my brothers in Mexico, Viva La Raza you and your struggle are not forgotten, Brown and Black Power!—the government uses prisoners to make furniture and clothes that it sells at a huge profit. Check out the book Slavery by Another name, it is deep. That book talks about what was called the convict lease system in the South during Jim Crow. What ignorant captive new Africans in America call the chain gang. Those poor people were slaves, captured by the government and then sold to big companies. This Swine Flu lie–it is a lie, because this is actually a biological weapon engineered by some white devil, he was made from wicked science, and wicked science will continue to be his favorite tool–will result in society crumbling. To remake it, they will need a captive labor force. Thus, their protecting the prisoners.

Nothing is new Brother Rippa the game has never changed.

It is sad, that right now, even in this Depression, so many dumb NBA and Hip Hop coons and their fans are walking around with all that gold and junk on their necks. Bragging about chains! Damn the mental assault on our subliminals is so deep, that these young fools are reenacting being on a chain gang like they were slaves! Poor fools don’t even know it. The poor black man is recreating the conditions of his own oppression.

RiPPa: So the white man is pretty slick with his tricknology, huh?

Brother X-Squared: Tricknology is his primary means of control. Check the book Guns, Germs, and Steel. The white man used his weapons of war, his evil to conquer the world. How did a small part of the world, with comparatively few people, cave dwellers at that, come to dominate the world? Through the wickedness of their technology. The white man knows no limits of morality. Therefore, he can make all sorts of foul implements of war. Nuclear bombs. Machine guns. Explosives. All manner of evil. Even the Internets. Damn brother, pay attention now because this is gonna blow your mind. These Internets were made by the US military and their group called DARPA—Defense, Advanced, Research, Projects, Administration so that the military could communicate following a nuclear war. Now they let “the people” use it for “communication.” Nope, they are monitoring you at all times. These internets are tricknology, tricknology that most of you captive ignorant coon moon crickets who slave for the white man are married to and controlled by. You all don’t even know it! Watch the Matrix films brothers! Free you mind! Everytime I see a captive black african with an Ipod  or Iphone or other mess I shake my head. Mental slavery, right out of a Phillip K. Dick novel, and you folks are living it right now.

RiPPa: Tell me something I don’t know.

Brother X-Squared: Boys in balloons. Did you see that story about the fame crazed bunch of white people with that mixed race child who staged that balloon nonsense?

RiPPa: Yes, wasn’t that crazy? I’d like to see someone Black pull that one off.

Brother X-Squared: White people go up in balloons and the whole world stops for that nonsense. Black people, black children are being killed on these streets, right at sea level and the white media doesn’t give a damn. Black people are being shot down in the street on terra firma and no white person cares. The white man is so obvious with his agenda and how he values the lives of his children…let there be a rumor one of them is in trouble–or God forbid a white woman, some Miss Ann is in trouble…probably killed by her own evil white husband or boyfriend or a white serial killer because as we know they have a lock on that…and you have some Amber alert, red alert, stop the world bs that some white media news station will cover forever. But, let some Black queen get in trouble and they could care less. Post-racial America? Please. White Supremacist America is more like it! The Black man needs to wake up and see the tricknology right in front of his very eyes. I can fight the fight for you sad, captive negroes, but I can’t win the war unless you all wake up!

RiPPa:. One last question: is/was Jesus Christ a Black man?

Brother X-Squared: Does a Pigeon fly in circles after it has been flying near salt water and eating almonds? Of course it does! Brother use your negro truisms and folk tales to understand the world around you! It is a self-evident fact that Jesus, the most high, the ultimate bad ass and freedom fighter who took on the credit cards of his day and the pimps is a BLACK MAN. How could he be anything but? Tell me!

RiPPa: Well it sure has been a pleasure Brother X-Squared having you here at the intersection of Madness & Reality. I’d like you to know that the door is always open for you to come on through and share your infinite wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Brother X-Squared: It was a pleasure. Peace and honor. Stay strong in the struggle.

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