Christine O’Donnell: The Separation of Intelligence & Conservatism

I’m as sure of the separation of intelligence and conservatism, as I am of the separation of church and state per the United States constitution. But don’t tell that to Tea Party darling Christine O’Donnell (R-DE). According to her and, well, some of the idiots baptized by Ronald Reagan with whom I have engaged, there is no separation of church and state. Which of course explains why right-wing religious fundamentalists feel justified in being the moral authority of our nation.

Now look, before now I haven’t paid much attention to Christine O’Donnell. Yes, I am now aware that she’s a walking gaffe machine, but I’m just not sure if much of what she says can be considered as gaffes. To put it mildly, I think she’s the second coming of Sarah Palin, with one exception. That would be, O’Donnell makes Palin look like part Rhodes Scholar, part thermonuclear physicist and MIT graduate. I know, scary thought isn’t it?

The irony of her recent revelation is the fact that she touts herself as an expert on the damn constitution. I don’t know about you, but I’d like to think that the people elected to create laws and government policy, are knowledgeable of the very constitution they all swear to uphold. I mean shit, if not the entire damn thing, they should be at least be able to to recite the friggin first damn amendment… and know what it means!

The other day I was having a conversation with my brother Max Reddick of the blog Soulbrother v.2 who is an educator at the collegiate level. In our phone conversation he was venting his frustrations about the idiotic college students with whom he has the pleasure of engaging daily. It was his assertion that there’s a certain premium on ignorance as exhibited by his students; and our challenge lies in figuring out just how we got here.

I dunno, folks, I’m not an educator; however, I am educated, and I grew up in a family of educators, so I have some ideas. So yeah, while we’re all sitting around Waiting For Superman to save us from the Doldrums of our current educational system. While we’re wondering about our abysmal high school drop out rate. We should also wonder just how Christine O’Donnell was able to slip through the cracks.