Chris Brown Still Devoid of Common Sense and Wisdom With “Spend It All” Video (NSFW)

CBE – Spend It All (18+) from Mechanical Dummy on Vimeo.

And we’re back…

Back to bullshit, what? Two to three weeks since his little temper tantrum/rabid beast impression on Good Morning America? You give this guy an inch and he’ll take miles apparently.

I’ve got to give it to Chris Brown. This guy is blessed. If anyone is a testament to the existence of God and His ability to “go before us” and soften the hearts of people, it’s Brown. Yes, I have to use the divine to explain how he can basically be an example of privilege, either due to his wealth and/or his sex. This is why I always beware of people who will bring up white actors like Gibson and Sheen in juxtaposition to Brown and cry racism. Sure, Chris may have been dealt with differently, but at the end of the day, they ALL got aways scott free. I mean, has any one of them really suffered? Not really.

If you check the comments for this video at, you can see that I’m not the only one who found this video to be nothing more but a bullshit move on a number of levels. And I can assure you that Necole’s comments section is very friendly to Chris Brown. When his stans are “pausing,” then you know he’s fucked up. I mean, the guy could probably marry Satan’s daughter and start WWIII and he still would have his fans defend him to the death:
heeeeeeeeey! Reply:
April 7th, 2011 at 12:24 am

no, not wow!…that a WTF!…WTH!…SMDH…STFD!….lol i love chris but that’s jus nasty/disgusting/foul/stank…
am i missing anything lol!…

April 7, 2011 at 12:09 am

I dont think it was wise. Luckily BET and the other networks will not play this during the day.

April 7, 2011 at 12:11 am

ughhhhh i’m so mad at him for this lol. His fans were even going in on him on twitter, why would he do this? Everything was going all good, number one album, lamn going platinum, he wasnt on twitter as much so everything was peaceful lol and then this. -___- Not cool…at all.There are more in this same vein. You have some die-hards who still ride for him, but it appears as though they are outnumbered.

You may be asking why it matters that he does a video with strippers. In the grand scheme of the misogynistic Hip-Hop and R&B world where tits and ass are cheap currency, it really doesn’t matter. He’s no different than Lil’ Wayne or Jay-Z or anyone else with a penchant for tacky videos featuring strippers doing stupid shit for some change and a spray of baby oil. The world doesn’t always work that way though. Our actions don’t always get to pass because they are measured against that of the masses. Sometimes our actions stand alone, regardless of what anyone else is doing. Chris Brown should understand this.

This is what happens when someone can destroy property, beat the shit out of Rihanna–a victim of abuse by her father, and vulnerable because of this fact–physically intimidate people, flee the scene, rant on Twitter, rant on camera, bullshit on camera, etc. and not face any kind of repercussions for it. We get videos where he just puts up a middle finger to his original fan base, his new fans, and the world. Where are his handlers? Where is his PR person? Do they even care to rebuild his persona as someone who was “sugar sweet” or are they going for this “bad boy who doesn’t give a fuck” look? If so, why?  Why would anyone intentionally present themselves as revelling in being a pariah?

This is nothing personal to the guy, but I don’t like bad ass kids. We all know those kids. When our kids throw tantrums or act out in a manner that is utterly disrespectful, they are disciplined swiftly and effectively to the best of our ability. My kids are not allowed to throw property around, cuss, beat up girls for the hell of it, stare me down, and not be dealt with. If I don’t deal with them, ideally, the world will deal with them, albeit in a far harsher way. Chris Brown is like someone’s bad ass kid (he is someone’s bad ass kid–his mother is on super duper enabler status) who just does everything to push everyone else’s boundaries, but people are either too lazy to say or do anything, too afraid or intimidated, while the parents turn a blind eye because they are incompetent. What’s frustrating about those kids is not so much what they do at the moment, but their potential to wreak havoc in the future. If unchecked, it’s only a matter of time before they push boundaries.

When I see Brown–judging by his behavior–I don’t see an adult who is mature or growing. I just see a man-boy-child who is far too indulged by his mother and a bevy of women (because let’s face it… That’s who he panders to) who have far too many issues themselves with the world for me to dissect. I suspect they have the same illness that has been affecting the women in Cleveland, Texas.

I don’t want anyone to fail. I don’t get some sick joy by seeing anyone pay over and over again for the rest of their lives. It really isn’t my issue to solve or my sin to seek retribution or redemption for.  However, at some point, if we are going to elevate someone to such a level of celebrity, praise, respect (twisted, right?) and accolade, they should be WORTHY and humbled. Brown has not earned this, and no amount of Dancing with the Stars, hipster Buddy Holly glasses and bow ties are going to change that unless HE is willing to show the world that he deserves it. Putting out a video with strippers for the hell of it is not it. It’s a slap in the face to his fans. The question is, do they have enough self-respect to know it?

I’ll end with Jay Smooth’s usual witty take on things: