Casey Anthony Not Guilty: The New O.J. Simpson, But Not Really

Yesterday I learned that some white folks never got over the O.J. Simpson verdict. Casey Anthony was found not guilty for murdering her daughter, and for if only an hour, white folks were a tad bit upset. And, one had to wonder if their were going to be riots erupting in Orlando, Fl. OK, maybe not riots, but for a second today white folks became black, and I wouldn’t have been surprised if some poor innocent truck driver got hit in the head with a brick, and fell victim to the outrage felt by at least one white person angry at the system.

Now I’ll be honest, without following the trial closely, I was of the opinion that Casey Anthony would not have been given the death penalty. In my mind and as absurd as it may sound, I couldn’t see sentencing this poor white woman to death; not as high-profile as this case became via the media. So you could imagine just how shocked how shocked I was to find out that she pretty much beat all charges. I mean if a Black man can go to prison for killing a few pitbulls, surely this woman would be going to prison for killing her baby.

Or so I thought…

Casey Anthony: Poledancing & Drinking

But I never thought I’d see the day in America that the life of a pitbull was more valuable than that of a white baby. A Black woman, Black baby, Black child? Sure! I mean they go missing all the time but nobody really cares; not the media anyway. But a pitbull more valuable than a white baby? OK, yeah I know that line of reasoning is irrational and down right ridiculous. But don’t tell that to the white folks down in Orlando who were on my television likening Casey Anthony to O.J. Simpson. Yesterday they reminded us that O.J. getting away with murder was a grave a grave injustice. But not so much as bad as all the people of color sitting in jail cells because of wrongful conviction.

Yes white people, the system is screwed up. But if Shaniqua Anthony was on trial instead of Casey, I doubt y’all would even care; and quite frankly, neither would the media. But you best believe that Shaniqua would be going to prison unlike Casey Anthony. Yeah, there’s no justice alright.  O.J. Simpson was a Black man who wasn’t allowed to have a dime (or his memorabilia) after his trial; they wouldn’t even let that Negro make money off of his book. But that’s not gonna happen to Casey; like her or not, ‘lil mama is about to get paid.