Carl Paladino: New York Republican Governor Hopeful & Bestiality Porn Lover

by Joanna (JuJuBe)

Ok, so my first introduction to Carl Paladino was when I read about his wonderful idea of transforming New York prisons into poor houses training centers for welfare recipients. He is an ultra conservative millionaire businessman. He is a Tea Party backed candidate. He is now the official Republican candidate for governor of NY. He is quite an interesting choice for a party that claims to have a lock on morality and virtues.

Not surprisingly, given the recent Republican party shenanigans, their new candidate for governor has been proven to be a racist. His email history was included messages he had forwarded of a blatantly bigoted nature. One showed a group of Black men in front of an approaching plane and read “Run ni%@a, run”. Another portrayed Michelle and Barack Obama dressed as a pimp and a ho. Yet another showed an African tribal dance, and was labeled “Obama Inauguration Rehearsal”.

Other emails were sexist and just down right perverted. One contained a video labeled “Miss France 2008 Fu#@ing”, while others featured nude women. And the kicker? He sent out a video of a horse having sex with a woman. Ah, yes, family values. The moral high ground. The Republicans sure have a lock on those, as evidenced as their choice of candidates. (Oh, and did I mention the party that tried to impeach Clinton for getting a blow job just nominated a candidate for governor who has a child from an extramarital affair?)

As for the issues
? Carl Paladino has stated that the “Ground Zero mosque” is a “symbol of conquest” and says he will use laws of eminent domain to prevent the Islamic Center from being built. He has stated that global warming is a “farce”. He has vowed to completely shut down the state government if the budget is late.

Now, luckily, NY tends to be a heavily Democratic state, so Paladino has virtually no chance of actually becoming the governor. But how scary is it that people would actually cast a vote at all for a man like this??