Brother X-Squared Returns: Speaks On Barack Obama, Herman Cain, & Has A Shocking Revalation

The We Are Respectable Negroes News Network (WARNNN) is proud to bring you the latest installment in our recurring series of interviews with Brother X-Squared, president of the North American Chapter of the Renewed Black Panther Party.

As long time followers of WARNNN already know, Brother X-Squared is a potent activist, black futurist, and visionary thinker. He is also a noted cultural critic in the greatest tradition of African American commentary and letters. It has been six months since we last spoke with Brother X-Squared. He has been incommunicado and apparently in hiding. Brother X-Squared has promised us an explosive and jaw dropping expose on the future of America. Brother X-Squared has teased that his appearance on WARNNN will be of particular import to Chauncey DeVega, Editor and Founder of We Are Respectable Negroes.

WARNNN: Brother X-Squared, it has been too long. Where have you been? What have you been up to? What is this information that you are going to share with me? Are you safe? Where were you hiding?

Brother X-Squared: Silence child! I see that my absence has allowed your mental musculature and integumentary system of melanin wisdom to atrophy like the little penis of that white sex freak Anthony Weiner from New York. Brother X-Squared is never in hiding! Can you hide from the sun? From its heat? From its rays? The sun and the moon are in a dance and it is only cosmic forces that keep me from irradiating you 24 hours a day! I have taught you so much since we met those years ago. Yet, in my absence it seems that you have taken 5 steps backwards for every 1 step forward! Try again. This time with patience and be deliberate in your speech.

WARNNN: My humble apologies. What have you been up to these last few months? Were they productive?

Brother X-Squared: A little better. Do cicadas come out at night and sing the blues for moon crickets when the slave ship is coming into port?

WARNNN: You lost me, Brother X-Squared…

Brother X-Squared: Even in your confusion and stupidity there is truth. You truly are one of the lost mentally captive negroes in this hellish land called Amerikkka. Once more you do not understand the Negro folk wisdom. Sad. Tragic. Even the evil White Man knows of my wisdom and is making a special computer that can translate metaphors from different languages so that the CIA can spy on people. They will never create a cipher that can beat Brother X-Squared…but that is a talk for another time.

Chauncey, you need to get a copy of Laurence Levine’s book Black Culture and Black Consciousness so you can learn something about your own great heritage as a Nubian! The answer is yes! I have been productive! I have put plans into motion that are still bearing fruit, I am a perpetual self sustaining nuclear reactor that is powered by my melanin. I have foreseen the decline of America. It is here as we speak! The visions came to me while I led a special month long training retreat for my soldiers in the North American Chapter of the New Black Panther Party.

WARNNN: What did you discover?

Brother X-Squared: You and the other mental idiots who comprise the majority of the captive black Africans in America are not ready for the whole truth. So, I will give you just a little dose. The White Man hides his truth in plain sight. He also wraps them up in lies. Sometimes he twists up the language–what the white genius devil George Orwell called newspeak in his book 1984. I can divine it because my mental state is strong and transcendent as it resonates through the dark matter of the universe. All this talk about the debt ceiling is your first clue!

How can debt be an evil calamity that is high in the sky? No, it is a hellish burden that sucks you in like quick sand! The White Man’s evil is so deep that he is even trying to appropriate the wisdom of the great African empires of Kush and Benin and their gold standard to save his sorry butt! Impossible, the White Man can never master the economic systems of the black gods because his mind is corrupt and cruel from his natural state as an ignorant cave dweller.

WARNNN: I have to agree with you. The world is on the verge of a second Great Depression and the corporations and financiers are using the shock doctrine and disaster capitalism to bring the American people down. Ironic then that Barack Obama, America’s first black President, may be her last if the economy continues its decline.

Brother X-Squared: Fool. I mock you.

WARNNN: Excuse me?

Brother X-Squared: Obama is not black! I told you this. He is a halfrican. He is the product of a union between a lecherous African who betrayed his own people and laid with a white woman. As I have said so many times, he is a spiritual zero! His mama’s negative energy muted his daddy’s powerful African seed! And this is so deep. Obama goes to Ireland to celebrate his Irish roots. Sick. Disgusting! Foul!

The Irish White Man is an enemy of black people! The white Irish man was considered lower than black people in this country and he figured out that to get his whiteness he had to riot in women’s clothes and lynch and kill black people. Obama drinks that hellish rat infested Guinness beer and smiles and grins for those white devils…all the while Rome burns! Do you not see the connection? Rats brought the plague to Europe and killed all those filthy foul white people. Your spiritual zero so called black president drinks their rat infested brew. He is showing you what is to come! The end!

WARNNN: On that note, what do you think of the debate about Barack Obama’s authenticity and Cornel West’s critique of him? Is Obama a free black man?

Brother X-Squared: You fools sit back and let yourselves be used for the White Man’s entertainment. All of you are house slaves who work reproducing knowledge in the White Man’s schools and universities. The library is just that a place of lies. All of you Negro intellectual wannabes are con artists. The true wisdom comes from African centered exploration and self-knowledge and self-teaching. You need to read some of those white people like Foucault and Weber! They explained how you are part of a system of power. That system serves the White Man’s interests!

None of you are free black men! Only by seeing the truth and gaining wisdom will you ever realize that you are like slaves in prisons of your own making. Run away from the White Man’s cage made of gold and you will understand! All of you, everyone one of you in that debate was playing for the White Man’s amusement. Captive black people are the only ones who buckdance and act like fools for the benefit of white people! He sells advertising and commercials for all of those TV stations where you put on your show. Did you get any of his luchre or gold that he made from your battle royal?

WARNNN: Well no. But, these conversations are part of the 4th estate and in the public interest and…

Brother X-Squared: I know you have a question for me. You want to know what I have been hinting about when I emailed you and said that my imminent return would leave you shocked and frightened.

WARNNN: I have to admit that I have been waiting to hear what you are going to reveal.

Brother X-Squared: How do you feel about Herman Cain?

WARNNN: Funny, you should ask. When you were gone there was all this dust up because I went hard on Cain and called him a race minstrel for white people.

Brother X-Squared: Hahahahahaha…..

WARNNN: It wasn’t funny. There were death threats, all sorts of crazy behavior by his supporters, Fox News was trying to get at me. I really needed your help. So again I don’t know why you are laughing.

Brother X-Squared: I know all that transpired. I am the engine, the force, the puppet-master who orchestrated the whole thing! I have many contacts which I have cultivated throughout the years and across these Internets. I told them about your attack on Herman Cain and that you should be put back into line like the drive horse you are! I told them to assault you! To attack you! I too am a black conservative! I conserve energy, matter, melanin, and knowledge. I used those fake conservatives as pawns in my ploy.

WARNNN: ……..

Brother X-Squared: I see I have silenced you. You are like that stupid Luke Skywalker in those hellish Star Wars movies denying that Vader is his poppa! I set those hounds on you to see what you would do!

WARNNN: That wasn’t cool brother. We are friends.

Brother X-Squared: I am not your friend. I am your creator and guide to being a free black man. Just like James Earl Jones in those great evil white people Conan movies I made you! I am the whip at your back! The cat of negritude nine tails that beat you! I told you to run away from the plantation and then told the overseer about it. I wanted to see if you could run fast! You survived.

Herman Cain is a dangerous foe. Even his name shows how he is a tool for the White Man’s evil. The power of language has been known for eons by the enlightened Nubians. In India they even have people who can use their voice to make you sick or to heal you. Cain’s name is laced with power. Cain equals sugar cane, the most hellish crop where the evil slave masters would work black people to death. Cain rhymes with pain! The pain he and other jumping Jim Crow black lapdogs will unleash on those who do not obey the White Man. He dares to make sick videos where he talks about being a train! Only Brother X-Squared is a melanin powered train that will destroy the White Man who dares to stall on his tracks!

You are so hard headed. So, I needed to teach you more directly. Now that you finally see the evils of the White Man in all his glory you can begin to understand what must be done.

WARNNN: How? I am still stunned…

Brother X-Squared: Did any of those self-described white liberals or progressives come to your aid! No, none of them. There were a few here and there who heard your cries, but most were silent! That is what they do child, they leave the black man out to dry when he is inconvenient or speaks too much truth to power. I am still pulling your strings. More is going to transpire, much more. We will free you from your mental drapetomania yet! You are my student and sit in awe of Brother X-Squared’s wisdom!

WARNNN: Wow. I am shook. I never imagined. Let me compose myself Brother X-Squared. Okay, let’s take a quick diversion while I process what you just revealed. I know you are a keen observer of popular culture. What do you think of the Arnold Schwarzenegger sex scandal?

Brother X-Squared: He is a wicked white German. They are natural cum droppers. Look what they did all over the world in places like the Congo. Destroyers and befoulers! Arnold’s lusting is a non-story. He wanted to drink deeply from the melanin life force and waters of our brown and black sisters! That sick sex freak could not resist! The White Man knows his own women are befouled and dirty! Even in these books called travel journals that the white imperialists kept about their exploits they admit that our queens are cleaner and more inviting than their own jaundiced pink nippled hags! Ask me about that hellish X-Men Movie called First Class instead.

WARNNN: Okay, what did you think of the film. I can guess by how you are already describing it.

Brother X-Squared: I am issuing an edict that no black man or woman should see this movie! It is only through the blessings of fate, my deep meditation and introspection, and my mental calluses that I resisted its evil! X-Men is a foul movie that is like a sick nanobot or computer program that they can put into your brain to make you insane like that tom fool blue eyed chauffeur coward “engineer” Geordi LaForge on that sick white space fantasy show Star Trek wanted to do to the Borg to destroy them! Black Swan was a sick perversion. This X-men movie is many many times worse!

WARNNN: Please explain. Details please. I saw the film and loved it. I thought that…

Brother X-Squared: As a semi-free Nubian who has run back to the plantation in my absence of course you would like it. The poison is in you Chauncey! You are one those sick negroes who gets excited by the sad mulatta Hallie Berry in that white supremacist fantasy Monsters Ball!

WARNNN: That scene with her and Billy Bob on the couch is pretty hot.

Brother X-Squared: I am going to develop a new program of Nubian healing. You need a spiritual enema to get out all of the White Man’s poison. X-Men First Class contains multiple levels of evil. Even the name is an assault on the mind state of the Nubian warrior! “X” is how we designate the many millions killed by the White Man’s barbarism in slavery! They took our very name from us and then made a cartoon out of it, a joke for the amusement of white people as they take our stories and as they always do make millions of dollars from our physical and spiritual essence. The evil White Man who made this movie knew what he was doing every step of the way! They compounded their evil by saying that it is first class! The first among many. These subliminal assaults are working on a meta level against black humanity!

WARNNN: I am intrigued. Please continue.

Brother X-Squared: It gets worse! They take a black man and call him Darwin, after that white scientist whose research was the foundation for evolutionary biology–and which the white European used to come up with silly theories that the White Man is the most evolved being on the planet! Bizarre. His power is the ability to be abused and attacked and to be immune to pain and punishment! A perfect slave for the White Man! X-Men First Class then makes sure that we are treated to the humiliation of the black queen who is a stripper who they ironically name Angel. She was a common whore but they trick the weak black man into thinking she is a goddess because of her wings. Like those lost Negresses who pursue the White Man and emasculate the black king her power is that she spits fire and destruction! I was stupefied by this. What evil it took to come up with such a slander against black people!

WARNNN: I sense that you have more to say.

Brother X-Squared: The levels of assault are only beginning on the black man’s mind. There is a sick self-hating White Man who could be a stand in for Freud and Fanon who injects himself with some virus that makes him into a colored beast! Yes a man of color who should be a genius and powerful is made a monster! Oh yes, I saw the White Man’s evil first hand. But that was a distraction, a feint in the White Man’s military terms. There is a character, damn this is so deep, a White Man called Havoc! As in havoc and destruction. He shoots uncontrollable ejaculations of power that destroy everything. Just like the White Man does everywhere and for all time, such a devious foe he is.

WARNNN: I will concede that I too was disturbed by how the movie depicted the only 2 people of color in it. What did you think of the main villains, the Hellfire Club–Lord! what a name! hell and fire!!!–and our “heroes” Professor X and Magneto?

Brother X-Squared: Even there you repeat their evil. A White Man named Professor X. An arrogant jerk who spies on people’s minds and manipulates them, who has the gall to take the name of Black People as his own! Magneto, another sick White Man who at least has some sense about the evils of the White Man’s government is made to look evil. You see the White Man who made this X-Men mess wants you to resist, assimilate, and give in to all of his wicked ways. He also wants to model gay sex between that Magneto and Professor X, just like he did in the twisted 300 movie. Anyone with the sense to fight back is made to look foul and wrong!

The movie is most dangerous in these characters. This X-Men movie has these villains who are direct offenses to the history and dignity of black people! One, that ice witch is called Emma Frost! A direct reference to Caucasians as ice people! She then turns into diamonds that are stolen by white Europeans from mother Africa! Always honor the red for her blood, the green for her land, and the black for her people. I almost fainted when I saw this perversion!

The worst was yet to come. Her lover/partner/boss is a White Man named Sebastian Shaw who can absorb energy and then release it as a weapon! Unbelievable. Only Brother X-Squared as melanin powered reactor of life and knowledge can do such a thing! Sick, foul, unacceptable! These sick white characters even have a red devil who does their bidding. I have never seen such an abomination. There were actually captive Nubian in that theater/brainwashing center and I wanted to yell at them to shield their eyes! X-Men First Class is a white supremacist wet dream! Stay far far far away from it. I command you all!

WARNNN: I am still rocked and blindsided by your thoughts and deeds Brother X-Squared. I need to process. In closing can you share something that our readers may not know?

Brother X-Squared: Of course. I am a fountainhead of knowledge. Scientists discovered a copy of the Milky Way galaxy in another part of the universe. Enlightened souls already knew of its existence, it is only now that the masses were informed. This means that there are multiple Brother X-Squareds throughout the cosmos and across the dimensions! I truly am eternal! Behold my melanin powered intellectual and freedom quest will continue forever. I am the Alpha and Omega as I always told you captive Nubians!

WARNNN: Awesome as always. I hope we hear from you again.

Brother X-Squared: Trust me. You will be hearing from me very soon.