Breaking News: Barack Obama will soon be reading your blogs and tweets

OK, calm down, I don’t know if he’ll be personally reading blogs and tweets sent out on twitter; I’d like to think the man is too busy for that type of stuff. However, according to what I read, the C.I.A. has recently invested in a software firm called Visible Technologies who specializes in monitoring social media sites, including blogs, Flickr, YouTube, Twitter and Amazon. How about that shit? Oh well, I guess it’s maybe time for me to start blogging cooking recipes and “safe” stuff like that, no? I might as well before those Black helicopters start hovering over my house.

Speaking of C.I.A., did you hear that the president of Afghanistan’s brother is on the C.I.A. payroll helping them fight the war on terror and get them Talibans over there? Yeah, I guess when you’re fighting a war against guys who wear those turbans and Jesus sandals you need all the help you can get. The only problem with it is that dude is like one of the biggest drug dealers in the country! Yeah “allegedly” this cat is a major player in the game all the while being on the payroll for the last eight years.

Oh well, like Jay Z said: “You can’t knock the hustle.” If dude can sell the Taliban’s dope and get paid by the U.S. Gov’t to take them down I ain’t mad at him. Besides, they did the same shit when they brought crack into the hood in Los Angeles to help fund those Nicaraguans, right? Yep, nothing wrong with letting drugs flow into the country especially when you’re fighting as Barack Obama puts it, “a war of necessity.”

And what’s this shit I hear about the FBI rounding up and having a shootout with some Negroes in Detroit who were talking about starting their own country? What’s that shit about? Oh lord, don’t tell me this is another one of those deals where some informant got paid to give the Feds wrong information. Shit, as bad as thing are in Detroit the last thing on a brothers mind is starting his own country. Hell Negroes stormed some office in downtown Detroit a few weeks ago trying to get money to be able to stay in their cribs. And you’re gonna tell me 11 Negroes who just so happen to be Muslim was doing some ill shit to raise money to start they own country?

Let’s be real; when you lock up these Muslim Negroes, who’s gonna sell that Taliban dope?

Their primary mission was to establish a separate, sovereign Islamic state within the borders of the United States that would be ruled by their spiritual leader, former Black Panther Jamil Abdullah al-Amin, who is currently in jail for shooting two police officers.

But the charge sheet alleges Abdullah used jihad to justify stealing cars, televisions, guns, fur coats and burning down buildings for the insurance money.
Three of the 11 men accused of participating in the crime ring remain at large. They face a variety of charges including fraud, conspiracy, selling stolen goods, and illegal possession of firearms.(Source)
I’m sorry, but I ain’t buying the idea that these Negroes wanted their own state. As high as the unemployment rate is in Detroit. I’d say they were probably just trynna eat son. But hey that’s just me. Hell people have been stealing shit all over the country for years and probably more so now since folk are unemployed. How come none of them are ever caught or even suspected of wanting to start their own country? Yeah, and how come all the “separatists” are always Black? How come they never catch the White ones?

Surely those White separatists are a bit upset that the whole “reverse discrimination” thing hasn’t kicked in yet, and given them some exposure. Instead, they have to go out of their way to gather up a bunch of silly cretins politically like minded people and talk about secession while everybody else laughs at them.