Oh the Nepotism: B.P. hires Dick Cheney’s former campaign secretary to head up PR?

If you’ve been paying attention to this BP oil leak out in the Gulf of Mexico. You have to know people are sincerely frustrated with British Petroleum. And what do they do to better their image in the wake of failed attempts after failed attempts? They go even further to the dark-side by hiring Dick Cheney’s former campaign press secretary to head us U.S. public relations:
BP, struggling to maintain its image while taking responsibility for the worst oil disaster in U.S. history, has hired someone new to head its American public relations operation: Anne Womack-Kolton, the former campaign press secretary for Vice President Dick Cheney.

Womack-Kolton ran Cheney’s press shop during the 2004 campaign, and worked as an assistant press secretary in 2000. She was also an assistant in the White House press office.[…]

[…] BP, in announcing the hire to Reuters, only mentioned that she was the director of public affairs for the Department of Energy under President George W. Bush. A 2005 press release from the DOE mentions that she worked for Cheney, and a slew of articles from 2004 cite her as Cheney’s spokeswoman.

Womack-Kolton has also been the director of public affairs for the U.S. Treasury and a senior adviser to an SEC chair, according to the DOE press release, and was the Washington liaison for Sen. John Cornyn when he was the Texas attorney general. (Source)Oh how deep does the rabbit hole go! OK, I offer no conspiracies, but it must be noted that the oil rig was built by Haliburton. And of course we all know the connections between them and the evil overlord Dick Cheney, right? You know, the mastermind of not only everything evil that came out of the Bush administration; but, the man who drove the de-regulatory policies that has lead to BP and other oil companies having leeway to create more environmental tragedies.

And interestingly enough, BP has been working with the government to prevent true media coverage from the Gulf according to the group FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting). Uh-huh, how about that?

Yep, this is getting quite interesting folks; and now I have to wonder if Barack was the one to tap the shoulder of his cousin’s former campaign secretary for the job. I mean she obviously has the experience for the job. After all, she did organize the front group called The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition to attack the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, after it rated second hand smoke as a Group A Human Carcinogen.

Yep, it’s a definite – we’re going to war with Atlantis.