Blog Wars: When Keeping It Funky Goes Wrong

Don’t you hate when you watch Judge Judy, People’s Court, Judge Joe Brown, or one of those court shows on TV and you see someone suing someone for some dumbshit? You know, like the people you see on Divorce Court from time to time who are vindictive? You know, the people who for whatever reason are going through a divorce, but they take their partners to court for something stupid like the Shrek 2 DVD? These idiots are a waste of time. Entertaining maybe, but still a waste of time. I can’t help but to think most of them just wanna get on TV. Real people doing real things don’t waste time and money in court over simple and silly shit.

For example? Did you know that there is currently a blogger being sued by another blogger? Uh huh, I don’t know if you’ve heard about this, but it’s true. As a matter of fact, the blogger being sued happens to be a personal friend of mine. To give you full disclosure, if it wasn’t for the urging of my friend, this page would not exist. Yup, and I’ve known her for almost three years now, and it was through blogging we met. So why is she getting sued? Well, its not like she has stolen another blogger’s material subject to copyright protection or anything like that. Nope, none of that blog jackin shit. The name of her blog is Fungke Blak Chik, and she’s being sued by another blogger who’s blog is called Funky Brown Chick. Uh huh, the Brown chick is claiming exclusivity to the Funk.

Now ain’t that some dumb shit? That is about as stupid as Coca Cola filing a lawsuit against Pepsi because their product is similar in color. Or Trojans suing Lifestyle because their condoms are latex like theirs. The funny thing about it all, is that the Brown Chick, is saying that she felt the need to file a lawsuit to protect her brand. Brand? The fuck??!! What store shelf are you on lady? Look, I know that there have been some bloggers who have been successful enough with their blogs to parlay it into book deals and such, but is it really that serious?

I just never knew people took this blog shit that serious. Personally, I find it to be self centered and dare I say narcissistic. I mean, what’s the fucking big deal? Funky Black Chik has not stolen anything from her, and they do not even share the same content. She claims that the similarity in name can be confusing to her readership. Well damn, if it has to get that confusing, then I guess your shit just ain’t that good.

I mean, as a person who loves reading blogs, I must say it has to be hard for me to get Angry Black Bitch confused with Angry Black Woman. I mean, you don’t see either one of them suing each other now do you. Field Negro is on e of my favorite b loggers on here, and hell he’s an attorney. Do you see him suing the blogger who owns the blog Assimilated Negro, Uppity Negro or even Angry Negro? Hell no you don’t.

You don’t see any of them suing each other. Hell, I even think its really cool how Nat Turner’s Revenge supports Aunt Jemima’s Revenge. But no, instead, Funky Brown Chick has an attitude and delusions of grandeur. Sure she does. That’s the only way somebody is gonna sue another person for some shit like this. That plus maybe being an attention whore.

If you wanna know the truth. Funky Brown Chick is just shitty because she emailed Fungke Blak Chik and asked her to stop using the name. Oh yeah, she did this only five days after registering her name as Funky Brown Chick with the United States Patent & Trademark office (read it here). Umm, how in the fuck you gonna form your mouth to ask someone to do such when they themselves have their own domain with their own name. Umm, can a domain name be subject to copyright laws or protection? I mean hell, how in the world can their ever be duplicate domain names?!!

What’s even funnier, is that Funky Brown Shoe’s application for trademark was only approved on March 7th 2009. Now ain’t that a bitch? You wanna run out and sue her for what? Hell, the application wasn’t even approved when she filed suit. Is her page named Funky Brown Chick as well? The hell if it is. She has been Fungke Blak Chik and the similarity in name is only coincidental.

My guess is that in this bad economy Funky Brown Housecoat has money to throw away. I mean hell, it ain’t like she’s Perez Hilton or anybody like that making that kind of money from her blog. Damn lady, MTV doesn’t even know you exist, and neither does America! But now your attorneys are requesting full control of the domain and blog Fungke Blak Chik? Hell, not too long ago all she wanted was for the name to be discontinued, but now you want ownership?

Well, do what you can to compensate for possibly being a latchkey child short on attention. I wish you the best of luck. Fuck it, since you’re so large, you might as well put up some money and buy the damn site. Oh my bad, I forgot, you work at a museum in New York like the rest of us regular folks. I just hope she doesn’t read this and sue me for using her name in this post.