The Blame Game: The White House vs. House Democrats

So now everyone has taken lead from Obama’s recent press conference chastisement of his fellow republi… oops, I mean democrats, liberals, and or progressives alike. Yes, we have moved into “let’s blame the democrats” mode. Uh-huh, even the White House today is in on that act. Yep, like a guy who has just cheated on his wife with her sister, the White House is now absconding responsibility and blaming his penis…

“My penis has a mind of it’s own, baby… I love you, but it ain’t my fault. As a matter of fact, it’s partly your momma and daddy’s fault! They shoulda known better than to make two of you with a nice fat booty and big titties!”

My man Kriss from The Insanity Report has a post up over at theFreshXpress which makes a good case for pointing fingers at House democrats for Obama’s compromise with republicans. But I’m sorry, I just can’t buy the excuse for Obama’s “compromise” much like many people are; to me, there’s no acceptable justification. But hey, like Obama, I’m “itching for a fight” about this in the comment section below – take ya best shot, you just might convince me.

Will the extension of these tax cuts create jobs as being sold by the administration and the Republicans? NO! Is it morally corrupt to borrow $900 billion under the guise of “stimulating the economy” when only 2% of the wealthy own small businesses (which are the engine of the economy) while people making $40K and less will see a tax hike? YES!! Oh yeah, individuals earning less than $20K and families making less that $40K will see a tax hike under this proposal, while the wealthy will, well, get even richer at the expense of tax payers.

I’m sorry, but I think Barack Obama should own his shit; and the people defending his compromise should realize the error of their actions. I mean, this is in fact the same black president who stood up in a black church on Father’s day and preached responsibility to black men and the black community at large while pandering to other members of the then electorate, no? Yeah, that damn “R-Word” can be a bitch at times; I know, I hate it as much as you do.

But anyway, I won’t even waste your time talking about Paul Krugman’s piece explaining how the economic ramifications of this deal could seriously affect Obama’s re-election chances in 2012. I mean who wants to talk about boring shit like the economy or another hostage situation December, 2011. Instead, I’m gonna end by asking: Should Barack Obama fail to get re-elected to a second term, who exactly do we blame?