Black Women: Learn when to shut the fuck up! Or learn to communicate!!

Yep, you read that right, and yes I said it – Black women need to learn when to shut the fuck up! Oh well, I guess I am as sexist as I’ve been labeled recently by one of my readers. But anyway, let’s get on to the subject of this post, shall we? OK, are you still with me Black women? I hope you are and at least allow me to kick some knowledge before you shoot the messenger… because some of you need to be told some shit.

OK, good. Recently there’s been talk around the blogosphere about the recent White House press conference where Press Secretary Robert Gibbs had a, how do I say it… not so favorable exchange with April Ryan, a Black female reporter from American Urban Radio Networks? Yeah, that’s it; according to some he exerted his white male privilege and, well, was talking down to the “sister” in a Q&A session concerning those party crashers at the State Dinner last week. Check it out and tell me what you think:

I’m sorry, and I realized that April Ryan was doing her job as a journalist asking the “appropriate” questions. But it seems to me, from where I’m sitting, she could have been a bit more tactful in her approach. I don’t give a shit that she’s black and he’s white, or the fact that she’s a woman and he’s a man. The bottom line for me is that, she should have been more tactful, personable, conversation-able, rather than coming off as the wannabe “Super Bitch” cop in an interrogation.

Clearly she attempted to take the “conversation” in a direction Gibbs didn’t feel necessary, and I think he did the right thing telling her to relax and breath. I mean, had he said “Sit’cho ass down and shut tha fuck up bitch!!” Or slapped the shit out of her with his pimp hand, I could understand all the negative talk in favor of April on this one. But in truth, Gibbs was clearly the adult, or the bigger person in this situation.

But let some people tell it, him having a penis and being white he was wrong.

In sales and marketing  there’s a theory called Rape vs. Seduction. What April did as far as communicating was RAPE the shit out of Robert Gibbs, or at least tried to. Had she used a “seductive” approach, she may have been able to control the conversation and have her questions answered instead of having to rebut Robert Gibbs and leaving the angry black bitch perception on the table. Yep, especially when she felt the need to “check him” after he attempted to gain control of the conversation from her badgering.

Oh, and by “seductive” I’m not implying that she should have given him the whole 1(900) phone sex operator bit. Yeah, she should have taken a deep breath or two – instead, she can look forward to getting all of her questions “waved off” at any other White House Press Conference. But hey, what do I know, I’m just another sexist, misogynist Black man who takes pleasure in telling bitches… you know… people with pussy?… To shut the fuck up…

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