Black women, lets talk about trifling-ass men, shall we?

Yes, let’s do this because we all know that you truly need to vent. Let’s do this because plainly speaking: you’re tired as fuck of hearing all the talk about single black women who can’t find a man, and about how much it’s yo’ damn fault. More specifically, you’re tired of hearing all the talk of you making better choices, and lowering your standards, right? So, let’s talk about this issue because, well, as hard as it is to believe, the truth according to you, is that there are very few good men left. And unfortunatly, some of you carry what I call these nigga scars around like luggage from relationship to relationship; yes, I’ve dated some of you; and yes, done my best Usain Bolt impersonations after meeting you.

Now of course I’m married, but even so, my wife has single female friends and family members; and yes, I still gotta hear the bullshit, especially when I wanna get freaky and ask Mrs. RiPPa to do something a lil sum’n sum’n n’ shit! Uh-huh, and what woman you know wants to oblige a brotha when they pissed off about the shit some other muthafucka does to their girlfriends and family members? So yeah, this shit affects even me from time to time. F’real tho, how you ‘posed to get your groove on with yo’ woman when she just got thru talkin to one of her girls, who has her fired up because her man came home, smelling like old coochie, dropped his draws and burned down the damn bedroom with his dick!

So let’s talk ladies; and let’s not get into whether it’s your fault for fuckin with him in the first place. Yeah, fuck the responsibility thing because the truth is, there are muthafuckas who by nature are immature, Peter Pan Ass Niggas, who just won’t grow up. Yep, there are men right now living in their mother’s basement sitting at home all damn day running game on women on the internet. And, there are women who are falling for these fools everyday, only to be left holding the bag and the wet spot, and for what? No seriously, I know women who somehow are charmed by these types only to be taken for rides that are nothing like they offer at Disney World. They cheat, they lie, they steal… they even burn up the gas in your car while you’re at work all day!

So, in an effort to help me to help you, do me a favor and take the time and share some of your “trifflin ass nigga” stories with me and my readers will you? Personally, I think this could make for a good discussion. Yes, and I say that because of the anonymity the internet affords us. Trust me, it’s much better to do it here, rather than to be the laughing stock among your peers, for venturing onto Judge Joe Brown’s TV court show to fight over who’s responsible for your fucked up credit, and the late fees on the Shrek 2 DVD. So without further waste of time, please let loose on these triflin’ ass men, will you?

But before you go in on ’em, do watch this: