Black Republican Candidates Get No Love From the GOP (Oh You Whiney Negroes!)

Memphis 9th District Republican Nominee Charlotte Bergmann 

Seems like some of our cousins aren’t happy with the Republican party. Yeah I know, hard to imagine, right? I mean as inclusive and ethnically diverse as is the republican party, it’s kinda hard to understand why some of our proud black republican skinfolk are grumbling with party leadership. Hell, in this new age of post-racial politics, the last thing you would expect is a few of them upsetting the GOP apple cart, no?
Three long-shot African-American Republican House candidates are fuming at national party leaders for not doing enough to help get them elected.

Campaign managers for Chuck Smith in Virginia, Charlotte Bergmann in Tennessee and Marvin Scott in Indiana all said the support they’ve received from GOP leaders this cycle has been dismal. They added that there could be consequences for the party if they are elected to Congress next year.

Smith’s campaign manager, Lisa Creeden, said she wishes her boss could count on the party’s help; no Republican has held Virginia’s 3rd district in 18 years.

‘I think the Republican Party is going to damage themselves with the African-American community,’ Creeden said. ‘I understand part of it is they are focused on races they can win easily, but our point is we couldn’t necessarily win this easily, but we can still win it. The effort to reach out to the African-American community will pay out in future elections. (source)Wait, they’re running in Tennessee, Virginia, and Indiana? And they’re not getting any love from party higher-ups? And they’re upset? Hell, the GOP probably doesn’t know there’re black people living in those states much less black people willing to dance the jig while tarred and feathered actually run on the republican ticket!

Boy do you black folks love to complain.